What Is Commercial Printing? A Guide to Commercial Printing

Did you know that the right printing products can boost your company’s reputation? High-quality printing makes a great impression and improves your credibility with customers, members of the public, and even within your own team.

To start printing the right products, however, it’s first important to understand commercial printing services and how they make a difference in helping companies get noticed. What is commercial printing? Read to find out the definition of commercial printing and how it can benefit your company!

What Is Commercial Printing? Here’s Your Comprehensive Guide!

If you want to learn more about commercial printing services but don’t know where to start, keep reading! Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Definition of Commercial Printing

Commercial printing is a term that refers to printing for businesses. In other words, if you need printed products for your business, you need commercial printing services. Many printing companies can provide a wide range of products for you, including through on-demand printing and custom online print portals.

The type of commercial printing products your company might need depends on the industry you work in. Read on to learn about some examples of commercial printing services that businesses in many sectors need.

Printing for Medical Practices

Real Estate Printing

Printing for Franchises

Hospitality Printing

Financial Printing

Printing for Non-Profits

Other Business Marketing Materials

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. All printing services for your business are commercial printing. The sky’s the limit!

Types of Commercial Printing

There are multiple types of printing to choose from, and most of them work well with commercial printing. Most printing companies will print any of the above products, including large-format prints. Here are some of the main types of printing:

Offset Printing

Offset printing generally produces the highest quality printed products and is good for large numbers of prints of a few originals.

Traditional offset commercial printing equipment uses printing plates and wet ink to create prints. This printing technique affords the technician the highest degree of control over color. As a result, you often get more vibrant colors, clearer pictures, and high-end printing materials.

However, an offset printing project takes a little longer to complete than digital printing does. It can sometimes be more expensive, depending on the run length.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the quickest way to produce short runs, especially when there are many originals.

While offset printing is often considered the printing type with better print quality, digital printing has come a long way over the years. In fact, the quality of digital printing is now comparable to that of offset printing.

Likewise, digital printing is also considered a cheaper option.

However, as a rule of thumb, if you purchase more than 1,500 prints, the cost of digital and offset printing will break even. If you purchase under 1,500 prints, however, digital printing is frequently cheaper because the price per click is lower than the setup costs for offset printing.

Additionally, you can use on-demand printing services with digital printing. Print on demand is a process where the commercial printing company saves a copy of your file and prints your orders on an as-needed basis. Usually, on-demand printing companies can print your order the same day or the next day as your order.

This process allows you to avoid dealing with backorders, finding storage for your prints, and destruction charges. It’s the most efficient print solution for businesses.

Jump Into Commercial Printing With The Print Authority!

Now that you understand the definition of commercial printing and why it’s important, you are ready to start designing, printing, and distributing a wide variety of products! That means you need to find a quality printing company to work with.

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