Now Hiring Signs for Your Business

Looking for now hiring signs and we’re hiring flyers? The Print Authority has you covered. Read to learn tips for creating now hiring signs for your business.

Did you know that 72% of employers are currently struggling to find qualified candidates to fill open positions? Clearly, finding new employees is serious business, especially in the customer service industry. Therefore, cast your net wide with now hiring signs that help top candidates find your job openings.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about now hiring flyers, signs, and more. Keep reading to learn how professional printing can help you jumpstart the hiring process!

What Are Now Hiring Signs?

To get started, we’re happy to let you know that the name “now hiring signs” is pretty self-explanatory. A now hiring sign is any type of visual announcement that a company displays alerting people it is looking to hire. This can include yard signs, counter cards, window signage, banners, and more.

Now hiring signs are sturdy and economical. By printing durable items such as banners and counter cards, you can reuse them for several years. No need to reinvent the wheel each time you’re hiring!

Placing now hiring signs inside your business is highly effective, as they target current customers who can be inspired to apply to a company they’re already loyal to. As well, placing signs outside your building means that people walking by can easily notice that you’re hiring and then decide to walk inside to learn more.

Ordering custom now hiring signs is also easy, particularly by partnering with a professional printing company such as The Print Authority. The Print Authority brings now hiring signs to life seamlessly, letting you focus on other operations.

Types of Now Hiring Signs

If you think that a hiring sign can only be a black-and-white piece of paper taped to a window, think again! Professionally-printed now hiring signs are high-quality items that offer clear benefits.

Yard Signs

we are hiring yard sign

Yard signs belong outside your building, and they let the world know that you’re looking for quality employees. You can even ask satisfied customers to display them in their yards, which further increases how far you can spread your message.

The Print Authority prints one- and two-sided sturdy corrugated plastic yard signs that hold up to all types of weather, and they come with their own stands that let you easily place and move them where you want them to go.

Counter Cards

we're hiring counter card

Counter cards are small but mighty. They fit perfectly at reception desks, on tables, and anywhere you can spare a little bit of counter space and let current customers know that you’re hiring.

At The Print Authority, we offer customized sturdy counter cards that stand on their own. They are handy and flexible, as you can simply fold away their stand and stow them when you aren’t hiring, and then bring them out again when it’s time to start hiring again.

Window Decals

now hiring window decal

Think of all the people who walk past your business every day. Now, imagine if they could all know that you’re hiring. Window clings and decals spread the news about your new positions from your front window. They are cost-efficient since you only need to order and display one or two for your entire building.

If you’re interested in displaying window clings and decals, The Print Authority offers a range of products that fit your needs. From completely clear decals to decals with a white background, you can choose the appearance that you prefer.


we are hiring banner

If you’re looking to make a statement, then displaying an outdoor banner is the choice for you! At The Print Authority, we print custom banners on a wide range of materials, although durable vinyl is the most popular choice.

In addition, some companies post retractable banner displays and even custom printed tablecloths inside their place of business to attract new hires. These professional displays can set your company apart and attract the best candidates!

Hanging or displaying a banner is a sure-fire way to bring attention to the message that you’re hiring. Whether you display it on the side of your building or in your community, people passing by won’t be able to miss it.

Tips for Now Hiring Sign Design

Designing your very own now hiring signs is a piece of cake, particularly when you keep the following advice in mind.

Less Text is Better

When planning your now hiring signs, remember to be concise. A few well-chosen words can work wonders in creating a sign that people read.

Keep your message simple; in many instances, even a simple sign saying “we’re hiring!” is sufficient. Feel free to add more information or encouragement, but remember to space the text on your design so that people can easily read it, whether they’re stopping to read it or just driving by.

Brand Consistency

Did you know that businesses that are considered reputable brands receive 50% more qualified applicants? Therefore, as with all of your company’s materials, staying consistent with your brand is of utmost importance.

Use your brand colors, fonts, and logo to create cohesion and assure applicants of your brand’s integrity. This welcomes potential candidates into your company’s culture from the very start.

Mention Benefits

If your now hiring signs are large enough, it’s a good idea to include information about pay and benefits. Potential candidates will appreciate knowing what they can earn at your company, and competitive pay and health benefits will lure them away from your competitors.

The size of your sign will determine whether you have enough room to mention benefits. After all, it’s important to keep your text minimal, especially on smaller signs. If you’d like some help designing a sign that contains the perfect balance of text for your sign’s size, talk to the experts at The Print Authority.

Bonus Tip: Create Now-Hiring Flyers

Now hiring flyers are the perfect products to complement your signs. These now hiring flyers, also called we’re hiring flyers, are easy to distribute to large groups of people, especially at career fairs, giving you a wide reach for a pool of candidates.

We’re hiring flyers are affordable options that allow for endless flexibility in size, paper options, color choices, and more. They can also be distributed in or outside your place of business, at trade shows, and inside community gathering places.

Create Your Now Hiring Signs With The Print Authority

Since 1991, The Print Authority has been printing now hiring signs that help companies in all industries find the employees they’re looking for. Our team prints all types of signs in every size, and our skilled graphic design department can help you create the perfect sign that brings applicants in the door.

To get started, call us today at (615) 468-2679 or request more information online!

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