April 28, 2017 The Print Authority

Why Use Screen Printing Fulfillment Services?

Why Use Screen Printing Fulfillment Services

If you’re looking to print out t-shirts to promote your business or event, then screen printing fulfillment services are the best option. By using the stencil created for the screen, ink can be appropriately applied to your garments in a way that will make the colors and design stand out as intended.

Why Use Screen Printing Fulfillment Services?

Screen printing is a great option for designs that are vibrant, as the ink goes on thicker. This is especially helpful when printing on darker fabric. This method isn’t even necessarily meant for only printing on clothing. You can also print on specialty products, such as koozies, because screen printing gives the control needed to print on uniquely shaped products.

How does screen printing work?

Preparing the design

Each color must be printed using a different screen. So, after receiving the digital file of your design, it will be color separated. This is when the color areas within the design are separated to be made into screens. Once the colors have been separated, they will be printed onto clear plastic surfaces, or film positives.

Making the screens

The screens are made by tightly stretching an acrylic mesh fabric over metal frames. A light-sensitive emulsion is then put on the blank screens and the film positives are taped to them. Next, the frames are placed on an “exposure unit” where they are exposed to intense light. During exposure, the black ink on the film positives blocks the light from hitting certain areas of the screen. Once the exposure is done, the screens are rinsed off with water. Because the emulsion is light-sensitive, the areas that were blocked by the ink will dissolve away. This leaves an area where the ink can press through.

Setting up the press

To set up the press, the operator will first print on a scrap shirt or fabric in order to align the other screens accordingly. They will then finish the printing process to ensure everything is lined up. If everything looks good, they can move on to the final step of printing the shirt. However, if that’s not the case, adjustments will be made.


When it comes time to print, the shirt is placed on a table and moves around to each screen. After all the screens have added their color to the design, the shirt is sent through a dryer. The heat from that dryer will cure the ink.

Here at The Print Authority, we offer screen printing fulfillment services that can help move your business forward. T-shirts are a great way to do that, and screen printing can get you the best quality.  If you have any questions, give us a call at (615) 468-2679.

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