May 9, 2019 The Print Authority

Restaurant Table Tent Printing: Guide To Everything Table Tents

Let’s talk table tent printing.

Whether you’re a franchisor looking for a reliable table tent printing partner for your franchisees, or a sole restaurant owner looking for a new way to drive orders – you’re in the right place.

In this table tent printing guide we will cover information ranging from size to design to what to include your table tent advertisement.

Before we get into the specifics, let’s ask one simple question.

Why Use a Restaurant Table Tent?

Studies show that people make decisions about the food they eat in the blink of an eye.

So, what better way to guide new patrons at your restaurant than by including an enticing, easy to read table tent on every table of your restaurant?

How else will potential patrons know about the deals and specials in your establishment? Especially when those patrons are sitting down at your table for the first time and asking themselves the question, “What should I eat?”

A restaurant table tent answers that question of “what should I eat” for hungry customers.

Consider These Four Things For Table Tents

Alright, maybe you already know that you’d like a table tent for each of your restaurants and questions about the specifics. Here are a few things to consider when working with a print fulfillment company like The Print Authority in place an order for a table tent.

Restaurant Table Tent Designs

The most common type of table tent design is the A-Frame. These standard A-Frames are great for advertising one to two pieces of information on a double-sided table tent.

For table tents meant to communicate multiple pieces of information, the Standing Triangle is a table tent design that can include three pieces of information. This table tent design is best for restaurants with larger menus and multiple specials.

One last table tent design is the Pyramid Tent. Although this design is less common, the Pyramid serves the practical purpose of communicating three pieces of information while being a little less likely to be blown away in the wind for an outdoor table setting.

Restaurant Table Tent Size

“What should be advertised on the table tent?”

“What should the design be?”

“How much will it cost?”

These are all questions we hear frequently at The Print Authority about a table tent printing job. And of course, the answers come with first determining the table tent size.   

Here are the standard table tent sizes for the A-Frame table tent:

  • 4” x 6” panels
  • 5” x 7” panels (most common)
  • 5 x 6.5” panels
  • 8” x 4” panels
  • Custom size panels (we can do this)

Here are the standard table tent sizes for the Standing Triangle table tent:

  • 4” x 4” panels
  • 6” x 4” panels (most common)
  • 8” x 4” panels
  • Custom size panels (we can do this)

Here are the standard table tent sizes for the Pyramid Triangle table tent:

  • 3.4” pyramid (3.4” diagonals, 3.9” base edges)
  • 4.25” pyramid (4.25” diagonals, 5.1” base edges) – Most Common
  • 5” pyramid (5” diagonals, 5.7” base edges)
  • Custom size pyramids (we can do this)

Paper Options

The next selection in a restaurant table tent printing job is paper type. Here are a few common types of table tent paper options:

  • 120# Gloss Cover 14pt
  • 120# Matte Cover 14pt
  • 100# Uncoated Cover 14pt

We can fulfill a table tent printing job on several different types of paper, but we always recommend printing on a thick, high-quality cover stock. Learn more about paper options.

Restaurant Table Tent Advertising

The purpose of a restaurant table tent is to guide customers towards your specials, deals, or best dishes. Ask yourself the question, “What do I want to sell more of?” The answer is what you should advertise on your restaurant table tent.

An effective table tent advertisement should cross a few items off the checklist.

  • Attention! There should be a headline that quickly grabs the attention of a customer and draws them in to learn more (Limited Time Offer!).
  • Interest! Once you catch their attention, it’s time to peak their interest. Include something that makes them interested in your advertisement (Buy 1, Get 2).
  • Desire! Restaurants can capture “desire” effectively with a well done photograph of the food. Advertising cheeseburgers? Get a food photographer to assemble the best looking cheeseburger and then make the image the central point of your advertisement.
  • Action! Our favorite part. If you have captured a customer’s attention, peaked their interest, and made them desire what you are advertising, then all that’s left is informing them how to act. Order one from your server today!

When these elements come together, you’ll have yourself one effective restaurant table tent.

Now, taking our own advice, it’s time for a call to action.

If you are looking to print restaurant table tents for your franchisees or for your individual restaurant, we can help. Call us at 615-468-2679 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about this service, and our print fulfillment service.