June 28, 2019 The Print Authority

How to Design & Print Personalized Notepads for Business

Have you ever exited Costco with many unexpected purchases because of free samples? You’re not alone. The psychology of giving away free branded item to increase sales works! Nevertheless, even if you are not a wholesale warehouse store, giving away free promotional items is a great way to boost sales. Personalized notepads for business are the perfect method to advertise in a nondescript way. Potential customers can record notes, memos, and other messages while seeing your company logo on a daily basis.

Read our top recommendations on how to create a personalized notepad to increase sales!

Design the best notepad to promote your business

Incorporate Company Logo

Your logo should be the most distinctive feature on your notepad. After all, the notepad functions as a form of advertising for your company. Make sure that your logo on the notepad is easily recognizable and has a clean design. If your company name is slightly ambiguous, adding in a motto along with the logo can be a strategic move.

Design with Business Details

A poorly designed notepad runs a high risk of finding itself in the garbage can. For this reason, it is important to create a thoughtfully designed notepad. In addition to your logo and motto, you will need to decide what other information you wish to include on your notepad. Is your company location based? Put your address on the notepad. Or, consider including your phone number for an easy point of contact. Even more, consider incorporating company colors or watermarking the pages with a company-specific idol. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not an overwhelming amount of information.

Create an Interactive Design

It’s time to get creative! If your business is targeted towards busy moms, consider creating a to-do checklist format on your notepad. It’s an easy way for your promotional material to actually get used the way you want it to. Or perhaps run a personal finance consulting company. Why not make a notepad with a checklist on weekly budgeting? The more useful your notepad is, the more inclined people will use it and spread awareness of your company. The world is your oyster–there are plenty of amazing options in designing personalized notepads for business!

Partner with a professional design and printing firm

If you are not a design-savvy person or simply want to save yourself the hassle, contract a professional design and printing company to do the work for you. With almost three decades of experience, The Print Authority is a premier printing service that delivers high-quality printing and graphic design solutions.

The Print Authority provides cost-effective on-demand printing services to its clients. In addition, they staff a team of experienced graphic design professionals to help you create the perfect notepad and other printed goods for your company.

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