April 18, 2019 The Print Authority

How to Simplify Your Medical Practice Marketing Needs

The healthcare industry is responsible for the overall health of a nation. However, in order to care for its patients, individual medical practices must inform them of their service offering and the importance of certain medical procedures and tests. In addition, medical practices must provide meaningful information that will help the public make informed decisions about their health.

In this case, marketing materials are a powerful tool to communicate timely and important information about a medical practice and current health news. Paper marketing materials are an easy and tangible representation of a medical practice that can be shared from patient to patient.

There are several marketing materials that a practice can use, like personalized envelopes and custom-printed pocket folders.  We’ve compiled a few simple marketing goods that every medical practice needs.

3 Medical Practice Marketing Needs

Newsletters and Brochures

Newsletters and brochures are an age-old marketing tactic that businesses use to inform their clients of current events. Likewise, newsletters are a powerful tool for medical practices to communicate information about treatments or medical conditions to a large audience. In this way, the practice is able to build a rapport with the patient. In addition, it can establish itself as a reliable source of information.

Today, there are several options regarding design, size, paper type, and color to create a newsletter that best represents your practice. Place a handful of glossy and colorful newsletters in the waiting room to attract clients. Or, choose a black-and-white option to mail clients, and keep printing costs low.

Business Cards

Business cards are standard, yet effective marketing stationary that a medical practice can use to attract patients. Their compact design is ideal for transport. In addition, because of their compact design, they’re appropriate and ideal to be put on display or handed out.

Traditional business cards can be bland and unproductive. To ensure that your business cards stand out, employ the help of a graphic designer to create an interactive experience for the patient.


A personal and valuable marketing good that every medical practice needs are postcards. Postcards are a simple tactic for medical professionals to continue a valuable conversation about health and well-being outside of the office. Additionally, it is an easy ploy for professionals to build a rapport with their patients and create return patients.

Send patients and clients postcard birthday card reminders to schedule their annual check-up. You can also send out holiday-themed postcards to book a dental cleaning.

Simplify Your Marketing Process

Marketing is an important facet of any medical practice; however, medicine does come first. In this case, it is important to partner with a printing company that delivers consistent and high-quality marketing materials in a timely fashion. There are several printing companies that you may find in your research for the appropriate company. However, there are only a select few that have decades of experience working with health professionals and medical practices.

The Print Authority is one of these reputable printing companies with decades of experience working with numerous health organizations. Since 1991, The Print Authority has used both digital and offset printing to deliver high-quality paper products. Even more, the printing company prides itself on its convenient on-demand printing capabilities.

In addition, The Print Authority offers expert graphic design services, including concept development and creation, branding, logo design, and design for the printing of all shapes and sizes.

All in all, The Print Authority is an efficient and cost-effective option for medical practices looking to simplify their marketing needs. Contact The Print Authority at (615) 468-2679 or start your online order today to achieve your marketing goals.