April 14, 2021 The Print Authority

Restaurant Stickers for Takeout and Food Containers

Takeout restaurants and ghost kitchens are some of the culinary world’s most exciting new endeavors. They’re cheap and easy to run and are safer alternatives to eating in restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the proliferation of food-ordering apps such as Uber Eats and Postmates has made takeout restaurants and ghost kitchens dynamic and profitable ventures. These businesses rely on printing to succeed. Here’s everything you need to know about one of the cornerstones of takeout printing: restaurant stickers and labels!

How Restaurant Stickers Benefit Your Business

Putting branded restaurant food label stickers on takeout containers and bags facilitates your takeout restaurant’s success. Here we’ll explain why this is a savvy business move.

Build Brand Awareness

This sounds simple, but it’s true: The best way to increase brand awareness is by putting your name and logo on your products! Your takeout and food containers are your only tangible branded products, and each time a customer sees your restaurant sticker, they’re familiarizing themself with your brand. Combine branded stickers with flyers, door hangers, and takeout menus distributed with deliveries, and your customers will be familiar with your business and menu items in no time!

Make Yourself Memorable

Your food and your branding are a team—when people see your logo as they eat your delicious food, they’re more likely to want to eat your food the next time they’re hungry. You’ll be even more memorable with well-designed restaurant labels that stand out; we’ll explain how to do this further below.

Present Yourself Positively

Customers want to know that the food they eat was prepared safely, and a stellar restaurant label assures your customers that you are a legitimate business that puts health and safety first. A professionally printed, high-quality restaurant sticker is an assurance that you’re a real restaurant, whether you have a dining room or not.

Use Customization To Your Advantage

When you create your own labels, you can include information specific to your restaurant and your menu items. We’ll explain this more below; for now, all you need to know is that printing customized stickers helps you keep your restaurant—and your customers—in mind.

Develop Multiple Brands Easily

If you are running virtual or ghost restaurants out of an existing restaurant or chain, you can easily develop new brands with clever design and high-quality label printing. This allows you to tinker with pricing for menu items that are also offered at your dine-in restaurant while still assuring customers that they get a product they are familiar with.

What to Include on Restaurant Sticker Labels

As we mentioned above, designing your own restaurant stickers gives you the freedom to include exactly the design elements you need. There are two main categories of design elements for takeout printing products: brand information and health information.

Your food packaging and bags are the only products that the customer receives from your business, which makes your branding vital. Include your name and logo on all of your products, and add a QR code that links to your website or menu. This will easily facilitate customers learning more about your restaurant.

Labels for food containers are also paramount for food safety. Consider adding checkboxes for common allergens, blanks to write expiration dates, and instructions for heating, reheating, and storage. These extra design touches will assure customers that you have their health and safety at heart!

How to Create Restaurant Stickers That Customers Notice

Along with your food, customers form their opinions of you based on your deliverables (containers, bags, etc.), so make each element count!

Design is Key

As you’re creating your restaurant labels, keep common design principles in mind. Choose an appealing, on-brand font, and use an easy-to-understand logo that tells customers everything they need to know about your cuisine. The Print Authority’s in-house design team can help you create labels that stand out.

Label Size Matters

When designing and printing your restaurant stickers, use sizes and shapes that are appropriate for your takeout boxes and bags. A label for the lid of a one-quart soup container needs to be much smaller than a label for the side of a paper bag! The Print Authority is happy to help you choose the best sticker sizes for your products.

Consider Your Environmental Impact

Food delivery can use a lot of fossil fuels, so consider lowering your environmental impact in other ways, such as by using green printing practices and by trusting your printing to a green printer. Through strategies including using biodegradable inks and recycled products and being powered by 100% renewable energy, The Print Authority makes the print process eco-friendly.

Print Your Restaurant Stickers With a Professional Printing Company!

When you’re ready to print your takeout restaurant or ghost kitchen’s stickers, flyers, labels, and more, partner with a trusted restaurant printer such as The Print Authority! We print stickers in a wide variety of sizes and shapes on both sheets and rolls, and we offer gloss, uncoated, removable, and synthetic stocks to suit your application. Depending on the quantity and your specific needs, we can design a sticker fulfillment program featuring on-demand printing or printing and storing larger quantities in advance to lower the cost. The Print Authority team excels at designing outstanding web-to-print portals facilitating orders from all of your locations for stickers, flyers, and more! By letting The Print Authority take care of design, print, and distribution, you can focus on what matters: cooking delicious food. Contact us today!