April 16, 2018 The Print Authority

Custom Restaurant Guest Checks

Custom restaurant guest checks are a great way to make sure your customer’s orders are communicated accurately and effectively, improving the guest experience on a daily basis. Although there are many ways to communicate an order from a guest to the kitchen, putting all the details in writing in a way that everyone understands is the key to providing excellent guest experiences. In addition, if you decide to use guest checks, you also have the opportunity to introduce your brand into another aspect of the customer experience. You brand most aspects of the restaurant, from menus and interiors to waitstaff uniforms. So, why not extend that initiative with custom restaurant guest checks?

Details, Details, Details…

Little things matter in restaurant operations every day. Many restaurants have their own way to communicate each guest’s order to the cook.  Although some restaurants require less communication of custom orders, most sit down operations require an effective way to communicate the details of each guest’s order from the server to the kitchen.

This is even truer in today’s age of food allergies, gluten-free items, low fat or low-calorie meals, and customers with particular needs. It is critical for customer happiness (and even health and safety) that each guest’s exact order get to the kitchen in an understood and actionable way.

Its All in the Design

You know what works in your restaurant environment! Each company likely has its own abbreviations, symbols, and special markings that communicate a food order. You need to design your custom guest check to accommodate your needs. Some restaurants do better with checks that are more free-flowing with lots of space for writing, while others use boxes with items to choose to simplify and speed up the order taking process. Keep in mind that special abbreviations can be listed on the guest check itself. Another idea might be to list monthly specials on the check or special instructions to the server. You can use the guest check to improve your operations!

Customized Branding Integration

A strong branding initiative analyzes every part of the customer’s experience in your restaurant. It starts the moment they enter your restaurant and ends when they leave. You want to make sure that you offer a truly branded experience at every step. This custom integration helps your brand leave a lasting impression, to later pull them back to your restaurant. Even the guest check supports the branding of your company. You might try putting the restaurant logo on the back so customers see the brand when the guest checks are being used. Get creative to help reinforce your image and message

Guest checks are an often-overlooked part of branding because consumers don’t expect a branded check experience. That’s why it’s the perfect place to catch their attention!

How to Print Custom Restaurant Guest Checks

Start with a great design, and be sure to incorporate the space you need to communicate orders effectively.

If you’re not particularly skilled or interested in design, consider hiring a printing shop like The Print Authority to take care of your printing needs for you. They have professional designers who can develop the custom restaurant guest check for you.  We can also offer your company bulk purchasing opportunities which will help cash flow and lower cost!

The Print Authority

The Print Authority has more than 27 years of experience in the printing industry. We have graphic designers that are equipped to turn your vision into a reality. One of the unique features of our printing services is that we offer a printing on-demand system! This system allows a restaurant manager to order supplies on an as-needed basis. 

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