June 1, 2017 The Print Authority

6 Specialty Products for Hotels to Print

6 Specialty Products for Hotels to Print

Your hotel’s main focus is your guests and making sure they enjoy their stay. These specialty products for hotels can help you accomplish that goal and at the same time promote your brand.

6 Specialty Products for Hotels to Print

Notepads/Sticky Notes

Visitors might want to make note of places they want to check out while they’re in town. It will be quick and easy to do that if they have available notepads to write on. People do still physically write notes, so there’s a pretty good chance they might like a notepad to take home. With your logo at the top you’ll be a great recommendation on where they’ll tell people to stay.


Speaking of writing things down, your guests will need something to write with. Provide a couple pens they can use and take home later. Pens get shared all the time, so if your guests like how they write, they may take them to work where others can borrow them.


Make sure your guests don’t get lost by putting up some nice signs to point them in the right direction. These signs can be anything from restroom signs to labeling the different rooms found in your hotel. Anything to make things more convenient for the guests.

Beverage Napkins

Make sure your logo is everywhere your guests look. When they’re enjoying a coffee in the room, or a drink at the bar, stick your logo on the beverage napkins to imprint your brand in their brain. If they’re having a good time, this will help them associate that feeling with your hotel.


If you have a coffee maker in your rooms, you’ll also have mugs. Make the mugs more interesting by putting your name, slogan, or logo on them.

Room Service Menus

It’s always nice to know what is available from room service. The menus don’t have to be huge, but include the basic information like what the dishes include and prices. Also consider printing an explanation of prices and products found in the minibar.

These specialty products for hotels can do a lot to help move your brand forward. If you have any questions about getting these printed, let us know! We’re here to help make the process easier. Give us a call today at (615) 468-2679.

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