April 14, 2022 The Print Authority

Efficient Logo Redesign: Save Time & Ensure Continuity

Did you know that 78% of consumers believe that logos are works of art? Your logo is the image that customers associate with your company’s core beliefs, so completing a periodic logo redesign is a vital aspect of keeping your company current. In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about how to redesign a logo, including when to refresh vs. redesign, the steps for an excellent logo redesign, and more.

Logo Refresh vs. Logo Redesign: Which To Choose

When you’re considering a logo change, your first decision is whether to simply update your logo or completely redesign it.

Refresh Your Logo Periodically

A logo refresh is a slight or small-scale change that consists of tweaking design elements to keep them contemporary. After all, styles and aesthetics change rapidly, so refreshing your logo shows that you are up to date and aware of global trends.

It’s important to frequently ask yourself if your logo looks outdated, as taking stock of your image is vital for maintaining it. Whenever you realize that your logo needs a tuneup, it’s time to spring for a logo refresh. You might consider doing a logo refresh every few years.

Redesign Your Logo When Needed

A full logo redesign consists of substantially changing your logo, not simply tweaking elements. A logo redesign is a significant undertaking. Here are some reasons why you might choose to redesign your logo:

  • Symbolize significant change. Redesigning your logo effectively demonstrates to the public that your company has undergone a shift, whether it’s regarding your services, leadership, or cultural impact.
  • Beat the competition. If you have new competitors, redesigning your logo exemplifies your ability to update and adapt. It demonstrates that you’re not stuck in the past, and you’ll do what it takes to survive.
  • Update your brand identity. If you’re looking to change how your company is perceived in the world, a logo redesign is an effective tactic to showcase a new attitude.
  • Adapt to new technologies. As technologies evolve, the public sees your logo on new screens and in new sizes. A logo that looks clear on a billboard might contain too many complex elements indistinguishable when sized down for an Instagram logo. Whenever you notice that your logo cannot function with new technology, it’s time to redesign.
  • React to a changing customer base. A great logo is designed with your target demographic in mind. Therefore, it’s important to redesign your logo when your target demographic changes.

In sum, a logo redesign is a useful undertaking whenever a significant change has occurred that impacts your company’s presence and image in the world.

Steps For a Successful Logo Redesign

If you’re wondering how to redesign a logo, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the steps that will help you roll out a great new design that reinvigorates your company.

Step #1: Determine the Purpose of the Redesign

As with any important business decision, you must first understand why making this change is a worthwhile action. Our explanation above can help you know whether your situation requires a complete redesign or a simple refresh.

Once you’ve decided that a logo redesign is in order, make sure the entire marketing and design team is on the same page about why you’re redesigning your logo, as your reasoning will influence decisions about the new design.

Step #2: Figure Out Which Logo Elements are Staying and Going

Once you understand why you’re redesigning your logo, it’s time to decide which specific design elements to keep. This decision is closely tied to your marketing or branding goals; for example, a redesign aimed at addressing a new company ethos would look completely different from a redesign aimed at adapting to new technologies.

Some visual elements may include changing the color scheme of your brand’s logo as well as updating it from a flat design to a more complex layout.

If you’re feeling stuck on how to redesign a logo for your company, feel free to ask The Print Authority’s professional graphic design team for help with the design process.

Step #3: Utilize a Seamless Online Print Portal

One of the most complicated aspects of any logo redesign is reprinting all of your products with the new logo. One easy way to save time and effort on your logo refresh is with an easy-to-use online print portal that quickly updates the design of your entire company’s printed products.

The Print Authority’s web to print portals are customized for your company, providing the products you need and shipping them to your locations nationwide. Once you update your logo design on your print portal, all printed products will be seamlessly updated accordingly, saving you time, money, and effort.

Step #4: Rollout Your Logo to the World

Once you’ve finalized your logo redesign, it’s time to put it into action. Some products to update include:

In short, be sure to update every item that contains your logo to promote brand cohesiveness, and try to time your rollout process to update everything simultaneously. A well-timed rollout turns your logo redesign into a significant company event symbolizing your new identity. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! The Print Authority prints your new logo on all of your products and helps you create a seamless rollout process.

Implement a Successful Logo Redesign With The Print Authority

When you’re considering a logo redesign, let the experts at The Print Authority help! With over three decades of experience helping companies of all sizes connect with customers, we provide the logo redesign and print services you’re looking for. Our web to print portals makes updating your marketing and operations materials a breeze! To learn more, call (615) 468-2679 or contact us online today.