September 6, 2017 The Print Authority

Take Out Menu Printing: What You Need to Know

Take Out Menu Printing

If your restaurant is trying to continue to serve your customers in new ways, you’ll want to start thinking about take out menu printing immediately. Take out menus can be placed on a hostess station or at cashiers stand. They are a quick way to make the casual customer come back when they want to enjoy your food but don’t have the time to enjoy the full experience of your restaurant. Additionally, you’ll be ready and able to leave these menus at local hotels and other businesses who would benefit by sharing your restaurant.

Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your take out menu printing:

1). Clear branding

Clear branding includes your restaurant’s name, location, hours of operation, phone number and deliverability (including whether your staff delivers or if you use services like Uber Eats, Door Dash or Grub Hub). All the key questions should be answered somewhere on the menu. Any of these key pieces of information might be the difference between a customer calling five minutes after you’ve closed and being disappointed or discovering that your restaurant is a three-minute drive from their office.

2). A graphic designer

Working with a designer to type set your menu helps your take out menu stand out above the rest. Fonts are a great tool for communicating ( your brands’ personality, quality and who you want to serve. The Print Authority has graphic designers available to help you achieve the appearance to impress your customers.

3). Grouping your products

Grouping your products and putting the best selling item at the top of each section increases those sales. A customer shouldn’t have to guess which items are your best. Feel free to highlight them.

4). Add color

Adding color to your logos, group headings, and page borders is a good way to enhance the look of your take out menu. Just make sure that the products, descriptions, and prices are large enough to easily read and have enough contrast so that reading them is easy.

5). Don’t forget the back!

Whether your take out menu is printed on one sheet of paper and fits on one side or you’ve decided to go with a trifold layout, there is always some area that you likely aren’t filling. Don’t hesitate to use this space to create a little extra something special for your brand or make an additional offer that might tip someone over the edge and get them to become a customer again.

These are just a few simple ways to elevate your take out menu from boring to worthy of being stuck on the side of a refrigerator. Contact The Print Authority at (615) 468-2679 to learn more about take out menu printing needs. We’re more than happy to help you achieve the best results possible whether you’ve got one location or a few dozen.

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