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Did you know that it takes 21% less cognitive effort to understand printed marketing materials than digital materials? Print marketing is still the top strategy that impacts your target audience. In particular, booklet printing is the key to providing your readers with the information they need.

Since 1991, The Print Authority has provided top-quality custom booklet printing services for businesses in all sectors. We print booklets that keep organizations in different industries running, from finance and medical to education and nonprofits.


Booklet Printing Value

Booklets are essential items in any business’s toolbox. These customizable items help organizations with marketing, training, operations, and more. Businesses can print customized booklets to fit virtually any need.

Professionally-printed booklets are made to last. Sturdier than pamphlets or brochures, booklets hold up to repeated use and can withstand the test of time. Binding techniques and special finishing processes further strengthen booklets and ensure that they will last for as long as you need them.

Booklets are also aesthetically-pleasing methods of distributing important information. Booklet design is extremely flexible, allowing you to present information however you’d like and combine it with engaging imagery, from helpful charts and graphs to exciting photographs and more.


Custom Booklet Printing Options

Booklet printing isn’t one size fits all. Your organization has its own goal, and therefore, your own booklet needs, from the number of pages to paper choice to binding style. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting design choices you can make when printing your booklets.

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    Number of Pages

    One of the biggest benefits of custom booklet printing is the ability to choose how many pages your booklet will be. For binding styles, including saddle stitch, a booklet is printed by folding a piece of paper in half along the booklet’s spine, so every sheet of paper will result in four booklet pages. Therefore, your saddle-stitched booklet can have any number of pages that is a denomination of four, whether that’s four, eight, 12, 16, or even 96 pages.

    On the other hand, binding styles such as coil and wire binding do not fold pages, so they provide more flexibility to choose exactly as many pages as you’d like, with no need for denominations of four.


    Best Paper Type for Booklets

    When it comes to booklet printing, you have many paper options. Two main qualities that define paper type are weight and coating.

    Paper weight makes an impression on your readers. Choose a heavy-weight text paper or even a lighter cover weight for the interior pages. These heavier papers will lead to a sturdier booklet that both impresses readers and lasts longer.

    Coated paper stock options will give your booklet a glossy and professional look. These papers make colors look vibrant, so they’re perfect for color printing. They help photographs, or other images pop! This makes coated papers a perfect match for items such as product catalogs, newsletters, and sales materials that inspire readers to take action.

    Uncoated paper stocks are great choices for black-and-white printed booklets such as operations manuals. Many types of paper, including copy paper, linen, and offset paper stocks, are all uncoated, and these papers frequently cause colors to appear darker.

    To help your business help the environment, consider choosing a recycled paper made with anywhere from 30% to 100% post-consumer recycled waste. These papers help everyone who reads your booklets know that you have our planet in mind.

    Every printing project is unique, so feel free to ask The Print Authority for advice on the paper that will work best for your booklet.


    Booklet Binding Styles

    Commercial booklet printing companies offer many binding styles, so you can choose the style that best fits your project. Here are some of the most useful binding options for a variety of sizes.

    Perfect binding. Perfect binding is used in most trade paperback books. This type of binding is very popular for its sturdiness, and it works for booklets that are up to 2 inches thick. This type of binding is permanent, so you cannot alter your book once it is printed.

    Magazine binding. Magazine binding, also known as saddle stitch binding, is typically the cheapest type of binding. However, it is not quite as sturdy as other methods, such as perfect binding, so it works best for items with a shorter shelf life, such as monthly magazines. It is a top binding technique for booklets up to 80 pages long.

    Coil binding. Coil or spiral binding consists of binding pages on the left side with a metal or plastic coil. This type of binding is flexible, as you can add or take out pages. It also allows pages to lay completely flat. Coil binding provides a longer shelf life, particularly when combined with a plastic cover page that protects the booklet.

    Comb binding. Comb binding is similar to coil binding as it provides flexibility. However, pages in a comb-bound booklet will not lie completely flat.

    Choosing the best binding style for your project can be overwhelming. The Print Authority is happy to help you pick the binding that works best for your booklet and budget!

    Speak to an expert designer to find the right booklet design for you.

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    Custom Booklet Printing To Fit Your Goals

    Booklets are versatile tools that adapt to your business’s needs. Organizations of all sizes use booklets for training and operations, making them a vital aspect of any successful company, and you can tailor them to nearly any scenario or need you might have. Some of the top uses for custom booklet printing include:

    Booklet printing gives your organization the space to truly dive into a topic, with flexible page ranges that let you provide as much detailed information as you’d like.


    Examples of Custom Booklets

    Booklets come in all shapes and sizes. Check out these custom booklet examples to get inspired for your next project!


    Training Booklet

    Training booklet example

    Perfect-bound booklets provide ample space for you to express yourself. In a training booklet like this one, you can include as much information as you need, as well as helpful diagrams and illustrations, to ensure that your employees know how to do their jobs well.


    Instruction Booklet

    Instruction booklet example

    When it comes to booklet design, feel free to pick whichever size and binding is best for your project. Magazine style binding works perfectly for instruction booklets that consumers can keep on hand for future reference.


    Event Booklets

    Event booklets example

    Your booklet is the perfect place to showcase your sense of style! From photographs of your team to a colorful logo or a map of your premises, your professionally printed booklets draw readers in and inspire them to engage.


    The Print Authority Provides Premier Custom Booklet Printing Services

    Here at The Print Authority, we’re leaders in booklet printing that helps businesses in all sectors reach their goals. Our expert graphic design team creates booklets that send a message, and with all the paper, binding, and style options you could hope for, we can print the booklet you’re dreaming of!

    To get started with your very own custom booklet printing, call The Print Authority at (615) 468-2679 or contact us online today!

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