October 19, 2018 The Print Authority

Custom Printed Pocket Folders: What To Consider

If you could have one “flagship” printed item for your business, it should be custom printed pocket folders with inserts. Not only are they great for transporting documents, they also add to your brand identity, proving that your company is trustworthy and knowledgeable. It’s time to stop using generic office supplies in an era when image is everything. With that in mind, read ahead to learn more about the advantages of custom printed pocket folders.

1. Professional

There’s nothing quite as professional as showing up to a business meeting with pocket folders filled with information for your clients. It is important to put a personal touch on all stationary if you want a cohesive identity within your company. Thus, these folders act as a sort of souvenir for your customers, reminding them why they rightfully chose to do business with you. Customized folders exude organization and professionalism.

2. Flexible

So long as your pocket folder design is simple enough, folder customization is very flexible. For example, you can design new inserts over and over again to suit changes to your business. Inserts can be in full color or black and white. They can be stepped or all the same size–usually 8.5”x11”. You can also insert brochures, rack cards, postcards, or flyers in an appropriately designed folder. Customizability is key!

3. Unique

Although many people stick to “standard” 9”x12” folders with two glued pockets, you can always opt for different sized and shaped folders! For example, you can have mini-pocket folders which fit 4”x9” or 5.5”x8.5” inserts. Or, you can do larger folders to accommodate 8.5”x14” documents, contracts or marketing materials. You can also create folders with just one pocket or with three pockets to fit a lot of materials.

Maybe even consider incorporating odd shapes with custom die cutting and velcro or other closures to keep your documents safe. There is so much room to make your folders unique! Regardless, choosing an unconventional shape will prove to stand out against the competition and better suit your needs.

4. Special Effects

You can make your pocket folder stand out with unique designs or interesting paper stocks. In addition, pocket folders are well suited for foil stamping, embossing, spot UV coating, and other special effects. You can also use lamination or soft-touch laminate, aqueous coating, or UV coating to make your folder feel rich, soft or different. Don’t be afraid to test out various special effects!

5. Appearance

Presentation folders add to your company’s reputability. For any business that presents materials to the public or business customers, a high-quality printed folder can make all the difference in a sale. Rather than presenting a client with a generic, unappealing folder, you are presenting them with your brand in a portfolio. A custom, eye-catching folder allows you to enter any meeting with confidence in your business.

The Print Authority

Now that you know the ins and outs of custom printed pocket folders, it’s time to contact the experts at The Print Authority for your next folder project! We have decades of experience producing folders and a creative team of designers to help with your folder project!