October 25, 2018 The Print Authority

Direct Mail Marketing Envelopes: Envelopes That Get Opened

Mistakenly, some businesses are discounting direct mail marketing altogether as an effective marketing strategy. Little do they know, direct mail is alive and well. In fact, it is still considered by many to be a superior marketing tool! However, in order to see exemplary results, your direct mail strategy may need a little TLC. So, with that being said, when it comes to ramping up your direct mail strategies, direct mail marketing envelopes should be your first stop.

Sometimes, the smallest, personal touch can be the difference between the recipient opening your letter or throwing it in the trash. Not only does a well thought out envelope look inviting and impressive, it also reinforces brand identity — an important tool in marketing a business. Step up your brand by checking out these secret tips and tricks in designing and printing great envelopes.

1. Professionally Printed Envelopes

Although modern laser printers print envelopes, the resolution is usually less than satisfactory. Plus, you may notice that the color and print quality is not consistent either. Instead, by choosing a more hands-on approach and working with a reputable print shop to perfect your envelopes, you are certain to get exactly what you envisioned. Additionally, when accounting for the toner and cost of envelopes, it may actually be less expensive to do a larger run at a printing company.

2. Envelopes to Market Your Company

If your company sends out proposals or bids to clients, or markets high-end homes or other sizable purchases, larger envelopes are a great low-cost alternative to presentation folders. Starting off, use a 9 x 12 printed envelope (or larger) so you don’t have to fold your proposal document. You can also make a large-printed envelope fancy with a great design, full-color printing, foil stamping, or other special effects. All in all, this is a great way to make your proposal stand out from the competition!

3. Envelopes to Advertise Special Events

Got a conference, trade show, or special event coming up? There’s no better way to kick off marketing the event than to put a teaser on the outside of the envelope! In fact, the teaser may get the recipient to open the envelope and consider your offering. Pro tip: Be sure to keep the teaser short and to the point!

4. Special-Sized Envelopes

Envelopes come in many shapes and sizes. Why stick with the usual? Using a special size or color envelope may get people curious about what is inside. From A2 envelopes to 12 x 15 envelopes, there is a world of sizes to choose from. It is also important to note that there may be minimum orders when printing some special sized envelopes and the post office charges extra postage on large or unusually-shaped envelopes.

5. Two-Color Envelopes

Simplicity is often key. With the right design and paper choice, two-color, offset-printed envelopes look great and are gentler on your budget than full-color printing! Furthermore, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to purchase a vibrant, eye-catching envelope. With the help of a printer who believes in the power of high-quality ink, good color fidelity, and attention to detail, you’re set for success.

The Print Authority

Although direct mail marketing envelopes are something many companies commonly forget about, that doesn’t mean that you have to! This key branding component is the perfect chance to stand out against competitors and see a huge return on investment in your direct mail marketing efforts.

If you’re interested in creating your own direct mail marketing envelopes, contact the experts at The Print Authority to learn about all of your options. We have almost 3 decades of experience with envelope printing!