How To Market Your Business With Print Advertising: A Step-By-Step Guide

Did you know that companies will spend over 48 billion dollars on print advertising in 2022? The wide range of print advertising benefits makes it a logical investment for your company. 

From greater visibility to superior longevity, print advertising can help your company reach new audiences. Keep reading to learn about the most important print advertising benefits and how your company can use print advertising to maximize your profits!

Why Print Advertising? 

In today’s online era, you can choose from a plethora of forms of advertising. The best marketing mix involves both print and digital methods, as print advertising remains evergreen. 

By taking out print ads, your business can maintain well-rounded advertising campaigns and ensure you’re reaching all prospective clients — not only the ones lurking on Facebook. Social media advertising is effective, but print marketing reaches targets far and wide, throughout your local community, statewide, or even internationally. Benefits of Print Advertising

Let’s dive into some of the most important advantages that print advertising can contribute to your company. 

Greater Visibility

Simply put, print advertising gets seen. Over 75% of households say they read or scan direct-mail advertising, meaning that the majority of your print advertising reaches its target audience. 

Superior Longevity

Your printed marketing materials’ lifespan is much longer than internet advertising. Readers tend to hold on to printed materials, which therefore serve as long-lasting reminders of your business. 

Better Retention

Readers are 70% more likely to remember printed materials than online advertising. Cognitively, holding advertisements in their hands makes a difference. 


Print advertising costs frequently pay for themselves. In fact, direct marketing tends to offer a thirteen-to-one return on investment ratio. Clearly, print advertising is a financially savvy endeavor.


Print Advertising Costs Explained 

Print advertising is a smart move for your company‘s budget. Even if it might seem more expensive than digital marketing on the front end, it is ultimately more cost-effective. This is due to print marketing’s increased longevity and lead conversion over many digital advertising methods. If you’re willing to dedicate the resources to print marketing, your investment will pay off. 


Print Advertising: Where To Start

Developing a print advertising campaign is an exciting opportunity. Here are some of the most important concepts to keep in mind as you’re getting started. 

Your Ideal Client 

The first step to any successful advertising campaign is understanding your ideal client, the target you are trying to draw in. Your entire marketing strategy hinges on your client profile. 

Consider the following demographics when brainstorming your target client: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession(s)
  • Income
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Purchasing habits

If you are targeting businesses, take the following qualities into account: 

  • Size
  • Location
  • Sector
  • Business goals
  • Approximate annual spending
  • Customer demographics

Once you’ve determined these qualities, you can build your marketing campaign accordingly. 


Types of Print Advertising 

After you’ve zeroed in on your target clients, it’s time to consider their needs and interests. What type of print materials would be best for these specific individuals? Which print formats would be most effective? 

One of the most significant print advertising benefits is that, given the extensive range of print marketing materials, you’ll be sure to find the products that fit your needs. Your printing company can advise you on the materials that best suit your needs.


Developing effective messaging is one of the most important aspects of print marketing. This step ultimately comes down to one vital question: What do you want to say? Start with a rock-solid answer to this question. Then, you’ll be able to create the rest of the content accordingly.

As you’re developing your messaging, keep the product’s intended goal in mind. What is this ad’s call to action? For every piece of material you produce, you should be able to clearly understand the response that it is designed to invoke. 


An impressive design increases the likelihood that readers will pay attention to your materials. Put effort into developing a design that keeps people reading because the longer they read, the more likely they are to remember your business. 

Include your company branding on all of your advertising materials in order to cement readers’ understanding of your brand. Do you have business colors already? If not, what would catch the eye? If you’d like help formulating the best possible designs, feel free to turn to your printing company for advice. 


The Print Authority’s Top Printing Services 

With The Print Authority, your business can take advantage of all the best that printing advertising has to offer. The range of high-quality print services offered at The Print Authority means that you can receive the exact products you have in mind and the excellent service you deserve. 


Graphic Design 

The Print Authority’s graphic design services bring your company to life in print. From a logo refresh to brochure design, our team does it all. 

We also offer design advice for a range of specialty products. Want to print a customized water bottle? The Print Authority can do that!

Large Format Printing 

Large format printing, including paper posters, foam posters, and yard signs, lets you make an oversized impression. 

Large advertisements are more easily seen and provide ample space to include a powerful call-to-action. 

Offset Printing 

For the perfect combination of high quality and low prices, offset printing is the way to go. By making many copies of a few documents, you can decrease your print advertising costs. 


The Print Authority prints a wide range of offset print items, from order forms to stationery and more. 


Eco-Friendly Printing 

In today’s day and age, environmentallyfriendly printing is more important than ever. The Print Authority offers a range of green printing services, including recycled papers, biodegradable inks, and chemistry-free plate printing. 


Printing on recycled paper lets customers know that you care about taking care of the earth. As well, many recycled papers have a beautiful aesthetic and texture that add beautiful detail to your printed materials. 


At The Print Authority, we also receive all of our energy from renewable sources. Let customers know that your advertising materials are printed in an environmentally friendly way to spread the word that you care about our earth. 

The Best in Print Advertising 

When you’re ready to dive into print advertising, get started with the experts at The Print Authority! We offer the above print marketing products and more, including a comprehensive range of services, digital printing, and speedy nationwide distribution. Our team loves helping clients meet their marketing goals.

Contact us to discover the print advertising benefits for your company!

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