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Online ordering questions and answers ranging from when to consider using a custom print ordering website to what payment methods are accepted.

Online Ordering Questions and Answers

The Print Authority creates custom print ordering websites which are designed specifically for one client or a series of related clients. These sites are designed to make ordering printing a snap for multiple location businesses. Although there is no hard and fast rule, these sites usually work best for companies or organizations which order from $10,000 in annual printing volume to hundreds of thousands in annual printing volume.These sites work well for either repetitive printing orders or for orders which are customized each time. We offer many options to accommodate different print buyers’ needs.
Emphatically, yes! Our sites allow for customized information to be entered by the person ordering the printing and for them to see an instant proof. Our sites promote customization which often leads to better marketing and higher sales. Examples of customizable documents include business cards, flyers, posters, certificates, yard signs, envelopes, car name it, the sky is the limit! We also offer advanced customization where a user can change pictures on a document to suit local markets. Even though customization is promoted, the company needing the site can control their branding by limiting what can be customized and by carefully choosing fonts, colors, type sizes, etc., which fit in with the company’s brand and image.
Typically, we handle proofing of all static items in advance. In other words, we make sure your artwork is set up and proofed when setting up your website. For variable items like business cards, the proofing is done on line. Either way, our goal is for proofing to be complete when the order is placed. This is one of the key time-saving advantages of these sites.
Yes. Our websites allow for multilevel access where different people will see items which are appropriate for them to order. The website knows which items to display based on each person’s unique login information. So, users in different locations or users at different levels of an organization will see products which are suited to them.
We have a variety of solutions for this problem. We can automate the approval process of supervisors, human resources managers, franchise support or marketing directors. If multiple levels of approval are needed, we can either utilize an automated or a manual process to take care of and track the approval process. In any case, you can set parameters which make sense for your organization.
Absolutely. We can have certain people “on account” and others who have to pay by credit card or other means. We can also allow the Home Office of a franchise organization, for example, to order on account and the franchisees to order by credit card. This will be driven by each user’s unique login.
Although the time to create a custom web to print portal will vary with the complexity of the site, in general, most sites take 30-60 days to complete from the receipt of all materials from the client. Prior to starting, we need all customer artwork and answers to a number of detailed questions about the desired structure of the site.
Most basic portals are free with a contractual agreement to either use The Print Authority exclusively for certain printing work or to make The Print Authority the exclusively recommended printing company for a network or franchise organization. Please call our sales department for details.
Yes. First off, all portals require a username and password to use. Second, all portals have current security certificates.
Yes. All new portals we design and put into use are mobile friendly from day one.
Yes! It is easy to access the order history, to place reorders, or to edit previously customized artwork and place a new order.

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