March 28, 2019 The Print Authority

Custom Restaurant Placemat Printing: What You Need to Know

For new and old restaurant owners alike there is nothing more important than making a good impression. That starts the second that a customer sits down. Having nicely designed artwork or images on your placemats can help you stand out. This is where quality printing comes into play.

Here are five things you need to know about custom restaurant placemat printing.

What you need to know about restaurant placemat printing:

  1. Offset vs. Digital

When it comes to printing in large quantities, you have two choices, and those are digital or offset. Digital printing allows you to send in your artwork, modify it anytime, and print on demand. On the other hand, offset printing is done in mass scale which can benefit restaurants, but there is little room for error and not a lot of flexibility. However, the quality of offset printing is paramount. In other words,  detailed images and small fonts would print best with offset printing.

  1. Materials and Branding

The material your design will be printed on can help you decide what type of restaurant placemat printing you need. Remember that test runs are available for digital printing which give you an opportunity to try a few different materials and with different designs. If you know precisely the type of content you will be using, then we can recommend offset printing. From fabrics to paper, glossy to matte the material you choose needs to reflect the feel and look of your restaurant. Branding your business is all about details that are recognizable.

  1. Design with Patience

Your graphic design is critical and helps set the tone of your restaurant, so you want to be sure that you are taking your time with it. For example, be mindful of the colors you are using. In addition, pay close attention to how large you will want the design to be. Ultimately, all these things affect how the final design is ultimately printed and how the final product will look. Under these circumstances, it may be easiest to hire a graphic designer. It will make your life easier and will give your restaurant the professional quality it deserves.

  1. Know Your Quantity

Printing companies will want to know your quantity to give you a proper estimate. Be sure that you calculate how many placemats you wish your restaurant to stock. Otherwise, if you need to order more you may find it more costly than if you had merely placed the full order all at once. Fulfillment is everything, and you want to get the most and best product for your budget. If you partner up with the right printing company you may be able to get additional orders at a decent price.

  1. Professionals Know Best

For all your printing needs be sure to go to a professional. Your business is important to you, and you want to be sure that you are getting the best service and quality possible at the most affordable price. Remember that you get what you pay for! The team over at The Print Authority can fulfill your customized restaurant placemat printing job and will assist you from concept to finished product. Give them a call today!