November 18, 2020 The Print Authority

Company Branding Using Printed Marketing Material

Your company’s brand encompasses almost everything you do, including both your marketing and your service. Why does branding using printed products still matter, and how can you use custom printing to enhance your brand? Keep reading to find out!

Why does branding using printing products still matter?

Branding Builds Trust

Your print media makes your company’s image more concrete. Printed flyers, posters, and signs give a feel for your company, and your visual advertising creatively tells your story. By creating a clear image of who you are and what you do, your brand becomes more easily recognizable and people see your company as more legitimate. Crucially, make sure you provide the service and customer experience that your brand suggests, which will increase customers’ trust and brand loyalty.

Printed Marketing Materials Are Tangible

Printed products are concrete representations of your company that bring your company to life, help customers identify with you, and help people remember your company for extended amounts of time. Emails can get lost and forgotten, but a business card placed in a drawer can be rediscovered months or even years in the future!

Some Customers Prefer Printed Media Over Digital

Printed marketing material feels more personal and permanent than email or other forms of digital communication, and they’re frequently easier for customers to keep track of. No matter the reason, if a customer prefers print communications, make sure you’re able to provide them.

Printed Branding Material Can Be Exciting!

From mugs to tablecloths, distributing custom printed branded specialty products is a fantastic and innovative way to increase awareness about your business.

How Can You Use Custom Printing Marketing Material to Enhance Your Brand?

Create Guidelines For Your Brand

Brand guidelines help all of your materials (both printed and online) achieve the same goals and differentiate you from your competitors. Your brand is a visual point of reference that illustrates who you are and what you represent. So, use the same colors, logo, and font on your printed products to unify your image. When it comes to branding, all materials are equally important!

Use an Excellent Logo

Your logo on your printed products is the most easily recognizable part of your brand, so it’s important to create the right one. Employ a professional designer to help you make the perfect logo that emphasizes your brand’s core values.

Create the Best Business Card

Business cards are one of your company’s most important marketing products. Even in this digital age, your business card is often a potential customer’s first introduction to your company, so make it count!

Make Your Printed Marketing Material User-Friendly

Your brand materials grab people’s attention and entice them to read more and learn more about your company, so make them eye-catching and easy-to-read. By making them accessible to the public, you’re increasing the number of people who can engage with your brand!

Your Brand Deserves Excellent Printed Products!

When you’re ready to develop your brand using custom printed products, whether you run a small company or a chain with many locations, The Print Authority is here to help! Our decades of experience with design, printing, web to print services, and distribution give us the expertise to help you make the best printed products for your brand. For 30 years, we have offered outstanding customer service, and we excel at building successful client relationships. Contact us today!