June 12, 2017 The Print Authority

8 Tips for Designing a Magazine Cover That Turns Heads

8 Tips for Designing a Magazine Cover That Turns Heads

If you want to bring in new customers, you need to make sure your magazine draws plenty of attention to itself. Curious as to how to make your magazine cover stand out? Here are 8 tips for designing a magazine cover that turns heads.

Designing a Magazine Cover

Pops of Color

What better way to capture attention than with a pop of bright color amidst an otherwise neutral and monotone backdrop?


While patterns can potentially be overwhelming, they may be exactly the right thing to draw attention to your magazine.

(Don’t!) Fill the Blank Space

Use the minimalism of the blank space to your advantage. Why not accentuate the blank space and make a statement? Emphasize a magazine cover through minimalism–the important message of the text will stand out, and your magazine cover will not be overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter. Do not fear the empty–embrace it.


A nice silhouette serves as the frame for your story. It hints at the topic, while providing just enough mystery and intrigue for someone to open the magazine.

Color Palette (Aesthetic)

Very few things are more visually appealing in this world than a strong aesthetic–meaning, an image based around a color palette. Utilizing a color palette to style your magazine cover creates a softer, fuller, and more artistic image.


Hand-drawn pieces are the epitome of artistry. These types of magazine covers are exceptionally unique, especially in a world of art created and distributed by computers and their respective programs.


Surrealist images are particularly fascinating. Surrealism is jarring, and undoubtedly eye-catching. Try utilizing photographs that are in some way surreal. Surrealism provokes mystery, and will entice the reader to look past the cover.

Black and White

A black and white magazine cover is simple. It tells a story, it is poetic. Black and white portraiture, in particular, allows you to see the object in a more human, and undiluted light. Subjects not surrounded by the clutter and color, allows for a certain realness to leak through.

With these 8 unique ideas, your magazine cover can without a doubt grab a reader’s attention.

If you have any questions about designing a magazine cover, we have a team of graphic designers who can help you out. We strive to make the printing process easier, so you can focus on running your business.

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