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Complete Guide to On-Demand Real Estate Printing

As a realtor, you are always on the lookout for people who are looking to buy a house. Well, did you know that real estate printing can add credibility to your business and attract customers?

In fact, on-demand real estate printing services are more cost-effective than you think. Find out how to create and print real estate material that will make your business grow and thrive!

On-Demand Real Estate Printing and Realtor Printing

What is On-Demand Printing?

Print on demand is a printing technique that utilizes a digital printing press. The printing company keeps a digital file of your order, only printing copies on an on-demand basis. Ultimately, it’s a risk-free and flexible option that allows you to print on your terms.

Benefits of On-Demand Real Estate Printing

There are several advantages to using on-demand real estate printing services. The benefits are as follows:

  • Zero cancelation fee
  • Virtually eliminates back orders
  • Unlimited order changes
  • Same-day or next-day shipping

In other words, print on demand saves you money, time, and storage space. It also gives you needed flexibility when you wish to make a change to your print order. If you need a continuous supply of flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, or other short-run printed materials, on-demand printing is the perfect option for you!

In addition to helping you, on-demand printing is also better for the environment! It reduces waste, uses less power, and requires fewer chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment. In fact, The Print Authority’s digital printing press uses a biodegradable toner, which makes their on-demand printing that much more green!

Real Estate Printing Services That Will Benefit You

real estate printing services

Real Estate Flyer Printing

Flyers are a great way to capture a potential client’s attention. Flyers are easy to distribute, and they can display your services in a compact, efficient space.

Real estate flyers are typically 8.5” x 11” in size, though they can be printed on smaller paper sizes upon request. Real estate flyer printing paper is lightweight; however, a thicker paper may be used for high-end, luxury listings.

On your real estate flyer, there are typically two things that you want to feature: property listings to show clients what kind of houses you are selling, and contact information.

Likewise, avoid common flyer mistakes—like using hard to read fonts—that will dissuade clients from contacting your business.

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a viewer before they decide whether your flyer is worth their viewing time or not. Create a visually-appealing flyer that communicates your message quickly and concisely.

Consider enlisting the help of a graphic designer or use a graphic design tool to make your flyer stand out.

Real Estate Brochure Printing

Different Types of PrintingReal estate brochures are also used for advertising high-end property listings.

Brochures are informative multi-sided documents that fold into a compact design. That being said, brochures contain more information than flyers do.

While flyers are generally distributed freely by realtors, brochures are given to interested parties. Therefore, while the flyer is meant to attract potential clients, brochures are best used to develop that interest further.

Accordingly, in the brochure, you may list your services and other promotions—information that you wouldn’t have on a flyer.

The visual appeal of your brochure is just as urgent as the information inside. After all, there is a strong connection between your printed goods and business reputation.

In other words, if your brochure looks cheaply made, unattractive, or unprofessional, the customer may see your real estate endeavors in the same light—the lesson: the better your brochure, the higher the opinion of potential house-buyers.

For this reason, it’s always best to do your real estate brochure printing in color to catch people’s attention and promote readability. Similarly, choose either a matte or glossy finish for your brochure.

Additionally, brochures are frequently printed on a more sturdy and more durable paper. Even more, they come in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

Real Estate Postcard Printing

Real estate postcards are a great tool to show house hunters your past work.

To demonstrate, say you meet someone interested in buying a house. You pull out a high-quality postcard with a picture of that gorgeous house you sold not too long ago. Maybe there is a smiling family in the front yard, ecstatic with their recent purchase.

How do you think those people feel about your services now? Impressed!

Now that you have an eye-catching attention grabber, people are more likely to be dazzled by your services. You may even consider handing out the postcards along with your flyers and brochures or doing a postcard mailing to nearby homeowners who may be considering selling their home. Real estate postcard printing is a quick, easy tool that will show people how good you are at your job!

Realtor Business Cards

business card examples for finance professionalsWhen you connect with potential customers, it’s always good to leave them with your contact information. Without it, you may lose out on potential clients!

Make sure your name, contact information, and job title are seen on the front of the card. A person could have a pile of realtor business cards in their pocket. Make sure they remember which one is yours! What are some ways to make your card stand out from the crowd?

One great way to get people to not only take your card but to keep it is to make it a magnet!

Many people may throw your business card away, lose it, or forget about it. However, when you make your card a magnet, people are more likely to keep it, maybe even sticking it on their fridge. It’ll make you stand out as a realtor and will encourage potential customers to keep your contact information for a long time to come.

Additionally, the overall appearance you create on your card should be classy, professional, and represent your realty brand well. Therefore, make sure the font, color, and overall layout looks good and stands out! Try to avoid headshots, cheesy pictures, and too much text.

Real Estate Direct Mail

About 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every day. The point? People receive annoying emails all the time, so they may not even spend the time opening an email advertising your real estate business.

On the other hand, people are much more likely opening an envelope they receive in the mail that is directly addressed to them.

Real estate direct mail marketing helps people, especially in localized areas, become aware of your services. Seeing your brochure or postcard in the mail will catch the eye of people who are looking to purchase a house. Direct mail is, ultimately, a more personalized way to find new customers.

To send out real estate direct mail, it’s always beneficial to get personalized letterhead and envelopes. Printing your realty company logo on a letterhead or even on the envelope itself will make your business look professional and also improve credibility.

Other Real Estate Printing Services

In addition to all the real estate printing services listed above, you may benefit from printing custom floor plans to houses currently on the market, contracts for customers, and custom-designed for-sale signs with your name and contact information on it.

For-sale signs with your information are great marketing tools because they catch people’s attention. For example, say a family who is thinking about moving houses happens to drives past a beautiful home with your name on the for-sale sign. Don’t you think they will call you for more information? Printing the sign is a marketing investment in itself.

Additionally, floor plans help interested buyers see more of the house without actually going inside, or may help prospects remember details of the houses they have already seen.

The Print Authority’s Real Estate Printing Services

The Print Authority is a quality printing company that can print all of the products listed above and so much more!

Do you need graphic design services? We can help with concept development, creation, branding, logo design, and design for printing materials. Moreover, we have a custom web to print website which makes it easier than ever to order just what you need!

Our on-demand printing services make your prints cost-effective and flexible. Do you need prints by Monday? We can immediately distribute your order! Do you need to make a last-minute edit to your brochure? No problem and no extra cost!

In the end, we know your focus isn’t printing materials. It’s gaining customers and selling houses. That’s why we offer a variety of finishing services in house. Do you need brochures folded, books bound, specialty items embossed, or something else? We can do it all!

What are you waiting for? Request a custom quote for your unique printing needs today by filling out a contact form. Then, place your order and receive your on-demand real estate printing products in no time!