October 31, 2019 The Print Authority

What Your Printing Says About Your Business Reputation

All businesses—whether they are large and well known or small and local—are creations of our laws and culture. Businesses are not “people,” although some small business owners may feel like the line between their business and personal life is blurry. You live and die by your reputation, whether you are a person or a business entity or organization. 

In fact, when you print materials for your company, it adds a level of credibility to your services. So, when someone looks at your organization’s printing, what does it say about the business?

This article will examine the positive and negative impressions people might be getting from your printing! What does your printing say about your company?

What is Your Business Reputation Like?

Positive Impressions

Here are a few quick positive impressions someone may reach if you present the right image and content on your printed brochure, flyer, or business card: 

  1. Your business is organized. The printed flyer looks well thought out and is easy to understand. 
  2. Your organization is a top-notch enterprise because your marketing piece looks clean, well designed, and modern. 
  3. Your team is educated and professional. Everything is well written and concise. 
  4. Your business is a modern company employing the latest ideas and technology. 
  5. You want new business and convey this through a logical and emotional marketing effort. 

Negative Impressions

At the same time, if your printed materials present your image the wrong way, here are negative impressions that someone may have: 

  1. Your business and printed materials are disorganized, sloppy, and confusing
  2. The company may be a low-quality organization since your printed materials appear to be thrown together using dated or primitive designs. 
  3. Your team is poorly managed. Typos and grammatical mistakes are always red flags. 
  4. Your organization is out of date or old fashioned. The fonts are chosen, and the designs used may send the wrong message. 
  5. You may not be able to handle more business since you have trouble marketing your enterprise. 

Ways to Improve Your Printing

Design and execution are both critical in the printing world. It is super important to present your business accurately, and in the way, you want to appear to your customer base. There is also a lot that goes into a printed piece, from the design itself to the size, the amount of text and graphics and white space, the paper choice, printing method, and finishing. All of these factors affect not just the price, but also the effectiveness of the printed piece. 

For example, your medical printed material font, newsletter font, or restaurant menu font affects how customers see your services. It could give an impression of professionalism and clarity, or it could leave the opposite impression. Similarly, the colors you choose for your brand could make or break your marketing initiatives.  In fact, even the paper you choose can impact how well customers receive it. 

Partner with a Quality Printing Company to Improve Your Business Reputation!

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