December 15, 2020 The Print Authority

Benefits of Custom Printing for Manufacturing Companies

Every day, your manufacturing company navigates complex operations, distribution, and customer experience. Luckily, professional printing manufacturers can help in each of these domains. Wondering how? Let us explain! Keep reading to learn more about how custom printing is the perfect match for your manufacturing company. 

Benefits of Custom Printing for Manufacturing Companies

Printing Supports Daily Operations

Your ultimate goal is to provide a top-notch product for your customers. To make your product a success, what do you need to start with? Your operations, of course! Successful operations are the bedrock of any company and ensure products that people want to buy. Here are some of the most important ways to use manufacturers’ printing in your everyday operations.

The key to stellar manufacturing printing is stellar employee conduct. Start your employees off strong by creating comprehensive training handbooks and manuals that uphold your company’s high standards and lead to perfect products. Consider printing these in color, and include helpful diagrams of all technical equipment and illustrations of the assembly process. Use coil or perfect binding to ensure long-lasting manuals.

During the manufacturing process, help your employees adhere to company protocols by creating helpful employee checklists, cards, or job aids. The easier it is for your employees to do their job, the better your products will be!

When it’s time to reorder your materials, what should you do? Keep track on a form! Print custom-made forms for your employees to indicate materials that need to be reordered from your Approved Vendor List. As well, if you receive orders from customers, clients, or distributors, make sure you have custom order NCR forms ready to take those orders. Use a web-to-print portal to easily print and distribute your customized forms to all your branches.

As you’re making your products, use printed materials that provide clarity, such as labels for boxes, parts, and shipping. You might also need printed barcode stickers for boxes.

Printing Improves Customer Experience

Creating your products is only half the battle. Next, you need to make sure that your customers can use them easily and safely. Here are some of the most important printed items to facilitate customer success.

Most importantly, print easy-to-understand informational and promotional materials to include in the box with your product, containing everything the customer needs to know. This is essential for customer safety and satisfaction, particularly if you manufacture products for the consumer market.

If your product necessitates any instructions for customers, print an informational or instructional booklet, technical manual, or pamphlet. This ensures that customers will be able to use your product easily, increasing customer satisfaction, and decreasing the chances of a broken or misused product. This reflects well on your company! You can print these on one piece of paper or as a small booklet (if you include set-up instructions or safety warnings, for example). Make sure to include any relevant diagrams printed in color for maximum clarity. Plus, printing manufacturing in color and on glossy paper makes your instructional materials look professional, which is always a big plus.

For any smaller communications that you want to put in the box with your product, create a helpful insert! These can include safety reminders, thank you messages, requests for online reviews, or suggested additional products to go with the purchase. You can even include a coupon for a discount on a future item! These inserts are frequently the size of a postcard or a business card, and they use bright colors, high-quality paper, and unique designs to get the reader’s attention. Don’t let this valuable marketing opportunity go to waste!

If your product comes with a warranty, include a warranty slip in the box. This can consist of a warranty disclaimer and a mailer for the user to fill out and send back to your company to register their product. Make sure you’ve received legal counsel to create an appropriate warranty. Warranty slips are frequently printed in black and white or one color on uncoated paper, so they will be easy to fill out. Some warranty slips are on card stock, while others are on text weight stock and may even include multiple pages or be folded.

Your marketing materials are vital for increasing your business. Business cards spread awareness about your company and give potential clients a physical token of your business. Include a professionally designed logo that people won’t forget! Banners outside your factory, showroom, or sales center increase sales by announcing new products, a limited-time sale, or your business hours.

Printing Assists Dealers and Distributors

If your company works with dealers and distributors, provide them with proprietary printed manufacturing materials. This makes marketing and sales easier for them, which increases your profits as well, so providing them with great printed products is a win-win!

Give your distributors sales flyers. Include special deals to incentivize purchases, and make sure to use bright colors and eye-popping design elements to grab readers’ attention! A professional designer can help you craft the perfect flyer to maximize your sales.

Your distributors also need to offer customers technical information about your products. This is where your engaging and educational product flyers are key. Use exciting images and print in color and on glossy paper to make the best impression. These help customers make informed decisions about which product is best for them.

If you create a large number of products, consider printing a manufacturing catalog. This helps prospects explore all of your products and gives distributors quick and easy access to information about any item that might fit potential buyers’ needs.

Similar to banners outside of your factory or showroom, your distributors display banners outside of their stores to advertise your products. Use an eye-catching design that attracts customers off the street. Consider advertising a special deal or a new product to incentivize sales!

If your distributors are spread over a wide geographic area, web-to-print fulfillment services allow you to print from one central location and let the printing company do the work of distributing your materials. This also gives you control over the quality of printed materials, so everything will reflect your company’s quality and branding. No need for hassle on your end!

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