July 13, 2018 The Print Authority

Consistent High Quality Printed Materials Electrify Rapidly Growing Franchises

In today’s digital world, it is easy to think that everything worthwhile can be accomplished online in a few clicks. However, franchisees who rely exclusively on digital marketing and advertising are missing an important part of their marketing effort. High quality printed materials will help franchisees grow faster.

Here are some great ideas for printed marketing materials to help young businesses and emerging franchise organizations grow faster:

Business Cards

If you are looking for effective and cost-effective marketing options, business cards are a great resource for you. Business cards typically cost just a few cents each, and you should give one to every new contact you meet. You never know when a new acquaintance will need your services, or share your information with their colleagues.

In addition, there are many easy ways to make your cards stand out. A professional designer can help by choosing interesting fonts, colors, or paper stocks to make your cards look unique, while also keeping them uncluttered and simple enough to be read and understood.

Brochures and Booklets

To market your business when you are not there, consider using brochures and booklets. With a simple ask, you can often leave brochures in places where your prospects go. Colorful brochures are more effective, and with modern digital production, you can order custom brochures or booklets in small quantities to appeal to various target audiences. Be sure to word your materials carefully and to get professional design help if you can afford it!

Pocket Folders with Inserts

Custom printed pocket folders with inserts can act as Welcome Packets for your new customers and help tie them into your business. The cost per folder of pocket folders drops with volume, so try to make your folders general enough to work for you for some time to come. Inserts can easily be printed in small quantities; use them to communicate your message in more detail.


Nothing screams professionalism more than putting your bids and proposals on professionally printed letterhead and using matching envelopes where appropriate. Use a high-quality stock and be sure to include the company logo. Providing printed bids where appropriate is especially effective for higher dollar products.

Specialized marketing materials

Specialized marketing materials like flyers, door hangers, labels, and notepads will spread the word when you use them at meetings, conferences, trade shows, or just in the neighborhood. For higher dollar value sales, making one new customer will frequently more than pay for your entire print run and repeat business can generate more profits!

Banners and Presentation Boards

Custom printed banners and presentation boards will impact people attending sporting or community events and are large enough for everyone to see. Ask permission to place a yard  sign at homes where you are doing work or after the work is complete. This can spur word of mouth referrals from your customers to new prospects!

Promotional Items

Don’t forget promotional items to get the word out! Nowadays, you can put your logo on almost anything; be creative and come up with a unique item which your prospects will use and keep around for many months. A great sales consultant can be an invaluable resource to help guide you to the right products to use.


Many experts suggest spending from 2%-10% of your budget on marketing depending on what stage your business is at. Be sure to maximize your revenue by spending enough on both digital and print advertising. Your business will grow faster and you will ultimately be more profitable over the long run with your investment in high quality printed materials.

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