December 17, 2020 The Print Authority

10 Types of Custom Business Labels & How to Use Them

Labels are very versatile—they can inform, warn of unsafe or dangerous conditions, train or just identify. While there are some types of highly specialized labels which are hard to print cost effectively, there is good news!

Over the last few years, many previously hard to obtain labels are now available in small quantities from printing companies! So, now is a great time for printing custom labels for your business or organization, whether you are a law firm, school, accounting firm, grocery store, doctor’s office, leasing company, or retail store.

Properly designed labels for business product advertising improve customer experiences and help business operations. Here is a short list of labels which are now readily available in small quantities.

Types of Custom Business Labels & How to Use Them

1. Die Cut Labels

If you want an odd shaped label, you can get die cut labels custom made to fit almost any shape or size. Traditionally, you had to invest in a metal die for printing custom business labels & shaped decals, meaning that printing custom die cut labels were cost effective only in larger volumes.

Today, there are two additional options. First, there are now more pre-die cut labels available than ever. This means you can get many custom shaped labels in small quantities without the cost of a die. If you need circular, rectangular, or oval business labels, you can get printed labels on a variety of stocks including vinyl, clear and colors in small quantities. Secondly, if you have a small run of a custom sticker, you can often get a laser die cut label to meet your needs.

2. Removable Labels

It is easier than ever to obtain business labels that are “low tack” with only a weak adhesive on them. This means they should be simple to take off when you are done with them. If you are looking for a label which will only be used for a short time, this may be the way to go.

Caveat: you should always test a label stock if the label is being affixed on something valuable!

3. Repositionable Labels

In contrast to removable labels, which come off easily to be discarded, you can also buy repositionable labels that can be removed and used again. Repositionable custom business labels are great to act as signs that may be relocated a couple of times.

4. Foil, Pastel and Neon Colored Labels

Special stocks are also available when printing custom labels. You can find shiny foil labels, pastel colors and bright neon colors. If you want something to get noticed, this can be the way to go! Bright colors also work well for warning labels.

5. Water and Grease Resistant Labels

Let’s say you have a product to label, but the product contains water or is oily. The printing on a regular label may run or look “stained” after water or oil runs over it. What do you do? Try a vinyl label for water or grease resistance. The best practice is to test the label before doing a larger run.

6. Cling Labels

Modern retailing includes maximizing your window space to let customers know about your products and services and any sales or special promotions you are running.

It is easier than ever to obtain labels to stick to your windows for custom labels, but which are also removable when things change. These can either be true cling labels which use static electricity to stay affixed or low tack labels which have a small amount of adhesive.

While there are more specialty labels available in smaller quantities than ever, this means that labels can be used in more ways than before. The next four label types listed below highlight some of the most important uses of custom printed business labels.

7. Warning Labels

Warning labels can be placed on dangerous work equipment or in areas which present unusual hazards. For example, factory workers sometimes use machines that can cause injury if used incorrectly. A well-placed warning label makes sense so that workers know the risks of using such equipment.

The message on warning labels should be specific to the hazard, have the nature of the threat, the consequences of the hazard, and the way to avoid the hazard. Additionally, bright colors should be used on this type of label to make sure it stands out to users. Letters should be bold, large, and easy to read. You should include eye grabbing graphics on the warning label that make the hazard clear for users.

8. Training Labels

Labels can, of course, be used for training purposes. Your new employees are constantly learning new information to be successful at their job. Make this just a bit easier for them, and label products they need to know about at a glance.

Restaurants and food preparation are good examples where training labels can be used successfully. Training labels can be placed in the food preparation area to show what a finished plate should look like for each dish. Have labels of each different meal in your restaurant so new cooks and waitresses can deliver beautiful dishes that customers will find appealing. These labels will improve guest experiences.

9. Informational Labels

Some items just need to be labeled so your customers will know what the item is. For example, produce and cheese labels in a grocery store or market can avoid a lot of confusion and may result in higher sales for these products. This can also be true in businesses that sell a lot of similar-looking parts.

In addition, some products benefit from labeling which explains how to properly use the product and any risks involved with use. While these labels are simple, they also help create a positive experience for your customers.

10. Marketing and Advertising Labels

Most people don’t think of labels as advertising. However, labels can help effectively market your company. Whether you are putting your mission statement on the wall in your office, the hours of your company on the front door or showing off your products or services on your front window, there is a good chance you are using a label to do this.

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