Employee Training Manual Printing

Need employee training manual printing? You've come to the right place.

Need employee training manual printing? You’ve come to the right place. Since 1991, The Print Authority has been printing stellar training manuals that help employees reach their highest potential and increase company profits. Read on to learn more about our employee training manual printing services.

Employee Training Manual Printing

Employee training manuals help small businesses establish company processes and procedures to produce consistent products and services. These documents make the employee onboarding process clear and concise. Employee training manuals also allow the company to thrive in the face of any major change.

It’s important for any business to have a well-crafted employee manual to ensure policies are documented, known, and followed. The Print Authority can help you with your training manual and employee handbook printing. We offer online manual printing for businesses needing training materials for new and current employees.

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On-Demand Employee Training Manual Printing

We can design and print your employee training manuals, and as importantly, we can print them on-demand. This ensures we can meet the needs of your business as it grows and changes.

Training manuals can include:

  • Processes relating to the functions of each role
  • Procedural checklists to ensure quality products and services
  • Safety procedures and policies
  • Procedures for disciplinary action
  • Descriptions of permissible use of company property, privacy rules, and marketing materials, including social media
  • A plan outlining unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace policies

Why Companies Turn To The Print Authority

We help businesses get the training manuals they need to ensure that corporate training goes as smoothly as possible. We’ve streamlined the printing process for our clients from concept to delivery for over three decades. The advantages of allowing The Print Authority to handle your employee training manual printing include:

  • Same-day or next-day shipping on almost every web-to-print order
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Quick version iterations
  • Lower costs (no intermediary inflating prices)
  • Increased profitability for our clients’ businesses
  • A wide variety of printing and finishing processes
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Training Manual Printing FAQ

Have a question about training manual printing? We have an answer! Here are some answers to the most common online manual printing questions.

What size should my training manuals be?

You can make training manuals in almost any size. However, most clients use common sizes such as 8.5×11 and 5.5×8.5, which are the cheapest and easiest to print. We’re happy to work with you to ensure that your manual is a size that fits your needs.

Which binding styles can I choose from?

The most common binding styles for training manuals include plastic coil binding, three-ring binders with drilled manuals, folded and stitched booklets, and perfect bound manuals. Each style has its own advantages, so contact us for advice for your specific project.

How many copies should I print?

Be sure to print enough copies for the employees who need them. However, since company policies change frequently, don’t print too many extras. Consider using a print-on-demand service so that you can quickly receive new copies when you need them. This eliminates waste and ensures that you have up-to-date manuals so that each employee receives the most accurate training.

Which paper should I use?

You can choose from many paper weights and coatings. Typically, businesses will use light, uncoated paper such as copy paper or offset paper for manuals without many images. If your manual has lots of photos or images, consider using coated paper so that the colors and details stand out.

Should I print my training manual in color or black and white?

This depends on your manual’s intended audience and on your need to include color as part of the training material. If your manual’s only audience will be internal employees, printing with only black ink is an economical choice. If your manual will be seen by others or if you want to use color imagery to increase the impact of training materials, consider using full color to make your manual look professional.

How soon will I receive my training manuals?

Typically, we ship most web-to-print orders the same day or the next day. Please contact us with any questions about your unique situation, and we will work with you to figure out a shipping solution.

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Partner With The Print Authority For Employee Training Manual Printing

With over three decades of printing manual materials, The Print Authority has extensive experience in training manual printing. We provide high-quality design, print, distribution, and sustainable on-demand printing services for businesses of all sizes, nationwide. We even have a proven track record of helping businesses increase profits. Let our online manual printing service help your company grow! Contact us with any questions at (615) 468-2679.

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