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Need to a business card to stand out in the stack? You've come to the right place.

Business Card Printing Services in Nashville, TN

The Print Authority is located in Brentwood (right outside of Nashville) and has provided business card printing services since 1991. We have provided services to large corporations and small organizations for years, ensuring they are represented in their designs with the utmost professionalism.

What is included in our Business Card Printing Services?

Business cards provide the first impression and foundation for your business and interpersonal interactions. At the Print Authority, we are determined to help your business card stand out from the rest of the stack. This can be completed through unique touches like thermography (raised ink) printing, high quality offset printing, finishing, and more areas like:

  • Full service graphic design
  • High quality digital printing
  • UV coating
  • Round cornering
  • Perforating
  • Laminating

Business Card Design Tips

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been printing business cards for franchises, restaurants, healthcare, non-profits, financial services, hospitality, and other companies for over two decades. Some of the business card design tips we have are:

  • Showcase your raised design on only one side of a business card.Thermography can only be printed on one side of a business card because the resin on the back of a sheet will re-melt when run through the machine a second time.
  • Feature thermography as a special design effect on your business card by utilizing both flat and raised printing in your design. This is a beautiful feature in many thermographed business cards. While many thermographed business cards have the entire design raised, it can be a nice effect to mix raised and flat printing for business cards as well.
  • Avoid very small text. Especially when using delicate scripts and serifed fonts.
  • Avoid using thermography near the edge of a business card. Especially areas that bleed. When the business card is trimmed, the difference in thickness in raised/flat areas can result in pinching and/or wrinkling.

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