May 9, 2018 The Print Authority

What To Print In A Welcome Packet For New Employees

Your business is an amalgamation of the efforts of your employees.  In today’s competitive world, you want to show them appreciation — right from the start.  With this in mind, it is important to spend time considering what to print in a welcome packet for new employees.

As you examine different strategies to compiling a new employee welcome packet, keep in mind your overarching goal to help employees acclimate to their new job and get them in the right frame of mind to make a positive impact on your company!  How exactly do you do that, though?

1. Warm Welcome Letter

Oftentimes, employers overlook the design and content of the welcome letter in the on boarding packet.  Although first impressions of the company occur during the interview process, the welcome letter is the new hire’s first experience in his or her new job.

Consider the welcome letter as your official first impression.  In larger corporations, it is especially important to create the right tone from the beginning. Personalizing the letter is an even better strategy so they know you didn’t simply copy and paste!

2. Forms

As required by law, there are mandatory forms that employees must submit in order to meet legal requirements.  The documents frequently cannot be branded, but most employees have seen them before.  These may be the most important items in the welcome packet because employees have to fill these out to get paid!

3. Handbook or Pamphlet on Company

Upon getting hired, many employees are unaware of the company background/history or what their specific day to day tasks will look like.  Even with years of experience in a similar previous position, it’s best to ease them into the new surroundings and culture.

Although the information in an employee handbook or pamphlet is typically straightforward, strategic design elements can still be utilized.  We recommend hiring a graphic designer to find a balance between fun design and practicality, communicating both the company culture and necessary information.  You can use eye-catching colors or creative designs to truly capture the branding and energy of your company.

4. Onboarding Plans

To help employees acclimate to a new position, give a detailed outline of their onboarding schedule and expectations.  We have found the warmest welcomes to be transparent and informative.  Although your new hire may be nervous at first, you now have an opportunity to settle this fear.  Letting them know in advance what they’ll be facing will put their mind at ease.  It will also make them feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

Perhaps rolling out the red carpet for your new employees is not necessary, but you should create an environment where employees feel confident and excited from the very first day.  Your new hire welcome packet should not only include everything they’re going to need to start their job.  Don’t forget to include some excitement and personality in your onboarding documents as well!

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