October 18, 2022 The Print Authority

How To Print a Manual In 7 Easy Steps

Did you know that companies that invest in employee training earn 21% higher profits? Professional training manual printing services provide a sturdy base to help new employees thrive in the workplace. 

Keep reading to learn how manual printing can increase workplace compliance and profits!

The Value of Well-Executed Manual Printing 

A great manual is one of your company’s most important tools. A clear and comprehensive manual can mean the difference between frequent accidents and a flawless safety record, as well as the difference between upset and satisfied customers. 

The manual printing process can be challenging, so we’ve gathered some advice to help you design and print a manual that makes the training process a breeze and answers any questions before they arise. 

How To Print a Manual

Here are some of The Print Authority’s tips for the best training manual printing. Following these suggestions will lead to a manual that improves operations for all staff. 

  1. Simplify Your Language 

Your manual should be readable for all. To make your manual accessible, determine the reading level of your audience, and tailor the manual to your readers. Adhering to plain language guidelines is a simple way to ensure all readers can use your manual. 

      2. Include all Legal Requirements 

Some fields are strictly regulated. If this is the case in your sector, be sure to include all legal requirements that your employees must conform to in your manual. 

Some fields, such as hospitality and healthcare, are governed by many laws, so a manual is a vital resource that employees can consult to ensure best practices. This is both a matter of safety and legality. Simply put, manuals give employees the tools they need to create a safe and successful work environment. 

As you’re drafting your manual printing project, a second set of expert eyes will help. Ask colleagues to read over your manual to ensure its accuracy, or better yet, ask for your printing company to review your manual, as they will be able to check for formatting that might affect print quality as well. 

    3. Focus on Appealing Design  

Your manual design determines whether or not employees actually read it, so taking the time to focus on design matters. A great manual design includes: 

  • A logical organizational structure so that employees can locate relevant information
  • Large, numbered headings and subheadings that help readers locate information on the page
  • A comprehensive table of contents and index that make finding information a breeze
  • Clear diagrams and images printed in color that illustrates key ideas and instructions
  • Wide margins that provide space for employees to take ample notes 
  • Your company’s logo and color scheme to promote a sense of brand identity

Feel free to consult The Print Authority’s graphic design team if you have any questions about how to create the best possible manual design!

     4. Consider Adding FAQ Section 

If you’re printing a higher-level technical manual, prepare for employee questions by adding a FAQ section about company policies. Providing this helpful resource reduces strain on the management team and speeds up operations. Employees gain confidence in knowing that they can solve many of their own problems, and they only need to reach out to their supervisors in uncommon cases. 

     5. Include Business Information 

A professional manual is a multipurpose resource: employees turn to it when they don’t know who to ask. Invariably, employees will have questions that aren’t addressed in the manual, so adding your business name, location, and contact information are essential so that readers know who to ask when they have questions. 

In a large manual, it’s worth it to reiterate your business information. Several pages might need this information, including the cover, title page, contact page, and FAQ section. Make it easy for employees to get in touch, as this ensures that they can get their questions answered and do their jobs well. 

    6. Consider When a Manual is Needed

Sometimes you need new manuals quickly. Here are just some of the reasons why you might urgently need new manuals:

  • Change in protocol
  • New machinery
  • New leadership
  • Updated laws or regulations
  • Urgent safety updates

In these instances, time is of the essence. You don’t have time to wait weeks for your new manuals. This is why The Print Authority offers rapid production and shipping on most orders. We know that you need your manuals quickly, so we take action fast to get your materials to you as soon as you need them. 

  7. Print With The Pros

As you can see, custom manual printing can be complicated. Between crafting a usable design and navigating the printing process, the manual printing process can be a headache for those who aren’t in the know. 

Working with a professional printing company such as The Print Authority can help you navigate and expedite your manual printing project. Choose a company with decades of experience in delivering high-quality manual printing services, as they will be able to guide you and offer a wide variety of printing and service options that you didn’t even know you needed!

Quality Manual Printing at The Print Authority 

When you’re ready to get started with manual printing, reach out to The Print Authority! With over three decades as leaders in the printing business, we print manuals that help your company thrive. We also offer design services, so simply let us know what type of manual you’re looking for, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

To see how The Print Authority’s manual printing services can help your company, contact us today!