July 6, 2017 The Print Authority

7 Advantages To On Demand Printing Fulfillment

on demand printing fulfillmentFor over 20 years, The Print Authority has packaged, stored, and shipped products for clients with multiple locations in different states. We have recently taken this printing fulfillment service to the next level, offering printing fulfillment contracts for clients who need a steady flow of printed materials shipped to multiple locations.

Here are the advantages to on demand printing fulfillment:

Lower Costs

A large restaurant chain approached The Print Authority to handle all nationwide printing fulfillment for the training, human resources, and accounting departments. The restaurant chain had a couple of costly issues they were facing:

1. The restaurant chain was using a different print company who produced large runs of printed materials to lower the unit cost. This approach instead increased costs, resulting in the restaurant chain paying tens of thousands of dollars in destruction charges whenever changes occurred.

2. The restaurant chain had a chronic problem of backorders of printed materials. The majority of orders were split into multiple shipments instead of one shipment. This radically increased shipping and fulfillment expenses.

The Print Authority dramatically reduced waste for a large restaurant chain using print on demand fulfillment, lowering the cost of obsolete materials by at least $24,000 per year. We created an intuitive website for the restaurant chain to produce printing on demand. Virtually 100% of the client’s orders ship out within 2 working days.

With on demand printing fulfillment, your printing company is the manufacturer. This system lowers costs and virtually eliminates waste in the process.

Rapid Change Over Printed Materials

A typo here, a forgotten inclusion there…last minute changes in printing happen. When these changes do happen, you’ll need a flexible process that accommodates for rapid change while decreasing expense.

Large runs of printed materials ideally lower the unit cost, but they sometimes result in costly “destruction charges.” A good on demand printing fulfillment system lowers costs and virtually eliminates waste.

Quick Turnaround

A huge digital capacity enables a printing company to produce most documents on demand for immediate distribution.

What’s that mean? A quick turnaround for you.

Outstanding Customer Service

Whether it’s a last minute request or a strategy discussion, you need an experienced team who has seen it all when it comes to printing. You need a company that will really get to know you.

The Print Authority system creates a low-cost, high performance model with the client at the center. One remarkable aspect of The Print Authority is our focus on hiring the best team members. The average tenure for all employees is 12 years at the company (We have one team member with over 25 years tenure!). In addition, our team averages 18 years of printing industry experience per person.

Extremely Few “Backorder” Situations

The one dreaded word you never want to hear is “backorder.” Your departments get delayed, orders get split into several shipments, and expenses radically increase with shipping charges.

Reducing backorder situations start with a linear printing process. From the custom web to print website to the customer service, the smoother the process, the less backorder situations you’ll encounter.

Same day or next day shipping 99% of the time

Imagine if your company used multiple printers to ship to multiple locations. Your print-related headache would multiply!

On demand printing fulfillment speeds up the shipping process for companies who need a steady flow of printed materials shipped to multiple locations. Virtually 100% of your orders ship out within 2 working days. Backorders are almost non-existent.

Improved Profitability

You do not want to print unnecessarily large quantities of documents for storage and long-term distribution. That type of system is hard to manage and cuts into your cash flow, resulting in waste and extra expenses.

Instead, on demand printing fulfillment enables the use of a large digital capacity to produce most documents on demand for immediate distribution. The advantage of an on demand production system is a very simple business model based on flexibility.

Whether you need on demand printing fulfillment or a custom print ordering website, the experts at The Print Authority will find the right way to get your job done so it is affordable and looks fantastic! We have over two decades of experience printing flyers, posters, brochures, business cards, training and marketing materials and much more. Our experts will make your company or organization look great in print. Contact us to learn more.