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Tri-Fold Brochure Guide: Benefits, Design Tips, & Printing

The tri-fold brochure is a tried-and-true method to impart information that sticks. This powerful document assists in all fields, from marketing to sales and education to medicine.

A well-designed and professionally printed tri-fold brochure is a must-have tool for any business. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about tri-fold brochure printing and how to harness this power for the good of your organization!

What is a Tri-Fold Brochure?

A tri-fold brochure is a simple form that can be almost endlessly customized. At its base, it consists of one piece of paper that has been folded into thirds, creating six equal-sized rectangular panels. These panels are filled with information, images, facts, and details that impart your desired message or tell a compelling story.

The tri-fold brochure’s adaptability and customizability make it popular in many fields. Some of the most common uses include:

Simply put, if you can imagine it, you can create a brochure for it!

When Should I Use a Tri-Fold Brochure?

Tri-fold brochures are the workhorses of information distribution. A tri-fold brochure is a highly-customizable canvas that you can adapt to your needs, no matter whether it’s about a general topic or a specific one.

Tri-folds are easy to display. Many tri-folds are only 3 ⅔ inches wide once they’ve been folded, so they don’t take up much space. They can stand up easily on their own and fit in rack card stands, making them perfect for placing on a desk for readers to pick up and peruse.

They are also easy to hand out. Their compact size makes them effortless to include in a gift bag or take home in a purse. They’re also light and easy to send in the mail.

Importantly, every tri-fold brochure can contain large amounts of information. Between the six panels on the front and back of the paper, tri-fold brochures provide ample space for all the knowledge you hope to impart, as well as charts, graphs, photographs, maps, or any other design features you’d like.

Tri-fold brochures are visually appealing. A well-designed brochure contains a logical structure and design elements that guide readers’ eyes through the document, helping all the information flow smoothly and increasing readers’ comprehension. The freedom to design your own custom brochure means that it can look however you’d like.

If you’re looking to save money, we have good news: tri-fold brochures are often more cost-effective than other brochure options and can include much more information. A tri-fold brochure gives you more bang for your buck, and who can resist that?

What To Include In a Tri-Fold Brochure

tri-fold brochure design example

The contents of your brochure will vary depending on which information you want to impart, of course, but generally, you should include the following elements.

Name, Address, Phone Number

These are the basics, but it must be said: don’t get so caught up in drafting your brochure’s content that you forget to include your business’s name, location(s), address(es), and phone number(s)! Make it as easy as possible for interested parties to get in touch after reading your brochure.


Your brochure aims to present the most important aspects of your business. Therefore, highlight your newest and most popular services in easy-to-find sections. When you help readers understand what makes you special, they’ll be inspired to take action.

One important aspect of a successful tri-fold brochure is accessible language. Brochures should explain the foundations of your business, product, or service to non-experts, so be sure to keep clear language use in mind.


Did you know that over 88% of consumers say that testimonials influence their purchasing decisions? Readers trust other customers’ opinions, which is why positive reviews work wonders for your business. With so much at stake and so much to gain, adding testimonials to your brochure is a surefire way to drive up sales.

High-Quality Images or Graphics

Brochures consist of more than just text. Breaking up the text with clear images or graphics will help your tri-fold brochure’s overall look and readability. A picture –– or graphic –– is worth a thousand words, as they say, so including informative visual elements helps you pack even more information into your brochure.

As well, having an attractive “cover page” will encourage people to pick up the brochure and read the inside. Above all, when adding visual elements to your brochure, make sure that the image files are of the highest possible quality. Crisp images, free of pixelation, are easy to understand and make your brochures look professional.

Tips for Tri-Fold Brochure Design

tri-fold brochure design example

Creating an effective tri-fold brochure design is both an art and a science. Here are The Print Authority’s top tips for designing a brochure that makes an impact.


A typical tri-fold brochure contains six panels, so use these folds to your advantage. In your tri-fold design, use these natural folds to organize your content. You can even consider each panel its own mini-page and try to make each mini-page a self-contained idea.

Including images is also a fantastic method to break up a brochure. You can include separate topics above and below an image, each with its own heading to help guide the reader through the page. As well, large blocks of text can sometimes deter or overwhelm readers, so including images helps you break the text down into more manageable sections.

Mind Your Margins

When creating your tri-fold brochure design, it’s important to remember to include margins. Margins that are too small can make a tri-fold brochure look crowded, so it’s best to include a ¼ inch margin on all edges of the paper as well as between each of the panels. This will ensure that you leave enough space between the panels so that they’re easy to differentiate and look uncrowded.

Text Size

Pick a size of text that is appropriate for your target audience. For instance, if your brochure is targeted toward older adults, you may need to enlarge your text size a bit to ensure that your brochures are easy to read.

Number of Fonts

When possible, limit your tri-fold brochure design to two or three fonts. This helps your brochure remain readable and not become too busy. It’s a great idea to include one larger or thicker font for headings and one smaller font for body text. You might also use a third font for image captions or a company logo, but few brochures need more than that.

Tri-Fold Brochure Paper & Lamination Options

When it comes to the tri-fold brochure printing process, you have many options and customizations at your disposal. One of the more critical choices you will make is about your preferred paper. There’s no right or wrong option when it comes to tri-fold brochure paper; all of the many different paper options offer their own benefits.

From paper containing recycled material to papers with various weights and textures, there is always a paper that fits your needs.

Paper Weight

Paper weight, or paper thickness, influences how sturdy your brochure will be. Thicker papers such as 100 lb text and 80 lb cover hold up to many uses and are great choices for brochures that can stand up on their own.

Lighter tri-fold brochure papers, including 70 lb text and 80 lb text, are more pliable and remain closed once folded. These lighter papers are also more affordable.

Matte vs. Glossy

You can print your brochure on either matte or glossy paper. Matte paper’s subtle finish makes it a top option for text-heavy brochures. Matte papers are sometimes more cost-effective, and they make black-and-white printing look great.

Glossy papers are sturdy and add a shine to your tri-fold brochures that attract attention. Glossy papers are a better match for brochures with many images because they make colors pop. People won’t be able to resist taking a look!

Each type of paper has its own advantages, so feel free to ask your printing company for advice about your particular project.

Cost-Effective Tri-Fold Brochures

Tri-fold brochures are generally affordable products that are simple to print. They don’t require extra processes such as lamination, which keeps costs low, and you can make many choices that lower printing costs, such as printing on lighter paper and printing in black and white. The Print Authority team is happy to talk with you about how to succeed at tri-fold brochure printing on a budget!

Where Is the Best Place To Print Your Tri-Fold Brochure?

When you’re looking for a professional printing company that knows the ins and outs of tri-fold brochure printing, give The Print Authority a call! With decades of experience designing and printing tri-fold brochures for organizations in all sectors, we are enthusiastic about helping you achieve your goals through printing.

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