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What is Kitting? A Kitting Services Explanation

Kitting is a simple process that streamlines operations and delivers all the individual products your employees and customers need in a single package. From gift boxes to training materials, welcome packets, and more, kitting is an easy solution that increases satisfaction at all levels of your organization alongside cost savings.

Understanding the question of what kitting is can help you decide if this service is right for you. This article will explore some of kitting’s biggest benefits, as well as its applications in key industries. 

What is Kitting?

Kitting consists of combining individual items into one unit to be stored, sold, and distributed together. It makes distribution simple for both employees and customers. 

To really understand what kitting looks like, imagine an item such as a folder. What good is this folder without anything inside it? Frequently, when you distribute items such as folders, you’re also distributing the papers inside the folders. Folders are rarely distributed by themselves. However, it can be a hassle to receive every folder and every paper separately and assemble all of the folders yourself. This is an example of when warehouse kitting is extremely helpful. 

In this example, kitting services would mean that your distributor would fill this folder with all of the correct papers and brochures that you want to give your clients, so you receive it pre-filled and ready to use. Furthermore, if different folders require different papers and brochures from others, your distributor can fill each folder to your specifications. These fulfillment operations are designed to make your life easier. 

Kitting Services Explained

Kitting services can take a wide range of forms. In addition to the folder kitting that we described above, many other types exist. These are some common types of kitting that can help your organization. 

  • Training materials. Employees require a range of training resources and raw materials. Combining training materials into product kits makes distribution easy and ensures that all employees receive the manuals, job aids, and other tools they need. 
  • Subscription boxes. Subscription boxes consist of many different items that are collected and shipped to many different people. Kitting assembles and stores those boxes for you, and it takes care of all the moving parts so that subscribers receive the items they ordered during the fulfillment process. 
  • Onboarding packets. Getting new employees started in your company is a big task. Receiving pre-made kits that contain all the paperwork, welcome letters, guides, and materials they need on their first day simplifies the process and makes HR’s job easier. 
  • New hire kits. Material kitting is an easy solution that increases new hire retention. You can include items ranging from company apparel to notepads and even snacks, and your kitting and distribution partner can assemble everything into ready-made kits. 
  • Gift baskets. Gift baskets are luxurious kits full of a range of delicious treats. Your product kitting company can assemble them for you so they’re ready to ship as soon as you or your customers place an order. 

Kitting can include a wide range of features. Here are some of the most common.

  • Printing. From informational and marketing materials to product labels and more, print materials are the cornerstone of the kitting process
  • Finishing. Kitting includes all of the processes that take place after printing so that your items are ready to ship, including folding, die cutting, laminating, and binding. 
  • Packaging. One of the most important aspects of knitting includes assembling the kits themselves. All of the items for each kit are collected and arranged in the same container. 
  • Labeling. If you plan to sell your kitted materials, your provider can place label stickers and barcodes on your kits so that they’re ready to be sold and shipped. 
  • Storage. Many printing companies can store your kits for you. This saves you from needing to find storage space in your office to store stacks of boxes.
  • Shipping. Once you’re ready to receive your kits, your printing company can ship your kits to you or directly to your customers. 

If you’re interested in kitting, don’t hesitate to ask your printing company about their options. There’s a good chance they can provide the kitting services you need.

Applications of Kitting in Various Industries

Kitting is useful for organizations in many sectors. Here’s how kitting can increase efficiency and improve outcomes in a range of industries. 

Manufacturing Sector

Kitting in manufacturing includes a range of offerings. Kits can include packaging together tools that will be used in the manufacturing process, or they can include other materials that are needed within the manufacturing industry, such as instruction booklets, training materials, and white papers. 

Kitting leads to a more efficient assembly because products have already been packaged together. There’s no need to source products from all around the factory. 

E-commerce and Retail

Kitting makes e-commerce fulfillment possible. Customers can order kits that you offer or combine items to make their own kit. Then, your printing and kitting partner assembles and ships the kit directly to the customer. 

Retail kitting can also include subscription boxes, in which kits are shipped to subscribers on a regular basis. Subscription boxes turn a great profit and delight subscribers, and the kitting process takes care of the box assembly, so you don’t have to do it yourself. 

Healthcare Sector

The most common type of medical kitting involves packaging various medical items together. For example, a kit could include all of the materials needed for a food sensitivity test, ancestry tracing swab kit, or even a first aid kit, along with instructions on how to perform the test. Simply put, if many medical materials need to be packaged together, a kitting service can package them. 

Along with all other organizations, healthcare providers need to market themselves, and kitting makes distributing medical marketing materials easy. Offices can receive pre-made kits containing all the marketing materials they need, including brochures, prescription pads, and more. 

Benefits of Kitting Services

Kitting saves your organization time, money, and effort. It also increases customer satisfaction and decreases human error. You’re free from the task of organizing and assembling your kits, and you can rest assured that your customers will receive exactly what they’ve ordered. 

Kitting increases efficiency. Items in your kits are already packaged and stored together, so they can be shipped and used immediately when they’re needed. No need to spend valuable time assembling boxes, folders, or packages: they’ve already been assembled!

Kitting also leads to increased brand awareness. When you put your organization’s name and logo on your kits, you make sure that recipients link your kit with your company’s identity. 

The Print Authority’s Kitting Services

Since 1991, The Print Authority has provided professional printing and kitting services for organizations across the country. We print and assemble all of the items your business needs, including traditional print products such as business cards and flyers but also innovative products, including apparel, promotional items, signage, and more. 

We hope this article has helped you answer the question, “What is kitting?” If you have any questions about kitting or want to learn more about how kitting can help your organization, contact The Print Authority!