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21 New Hire Welcome Kit Items Employees Will Actually Enjoy

Did you know that great employee onboarding can increase employee retention by 88%? Clearly, making new employees feel welcome is an important step in the onboarding process, and gifting each employee a thoughtful new hire welcome kit does wonders to help them feel at home. 

In this article we’ll explain everything you need to know about new hire welcome kits and explain the top items that make a difference.

What is The Purpose of a New Hire Welcome Kit?

62% of employers agree that integrating employees into company culture is the onboarding process’ top objective, and your employee welcome kit helps you establish what kind of company you are. By including unique and innovative products, you encourage your employees to be enterprising and think creatively.

Benefits of an Employee Welcome Kit

Distributing a welcome kit for new employees accomplishes the following:

  • Shows that you care. It’s a simple gesture with a big impact, and it shows that you’re willing to invest time and money in your employees to help them feel welcome.
  • Proves your attention to detail. Including items tailored to your company’s culture lets new employees know that you’re thoughtful about the experience of working at your company.
  • Looks harder than it is. While the idea of assembling an onboarding kit might seem difficult, your printer can in fact print, assemble, store, and send your kits when you need them.
  • Creates a welcoming environment. Your new hire welcome kit sets the tone for an employee’s experience at your company, so make it a good one!
  • Gives your employees their own piece of the company. By offering employees customized items such as branded apparel, coffee mugs, and more, you help employees feel like the company is truly theirs.
  • Promotes your company’s brand. When an employee wears their company T-Shirt or uses their company branded computer sleeve, they’re expanding your company’s reach in your community. It’s a win-win situation!

21 New Hire Welcome Kit Ideas Employees will Appreciate

1. Handwritten Welcome Letter on Company Stationery

new hire welcome kit

A handwritten letter on custom company stationery is the perfect welcoming touch. It demonstrates that you’re invested in your employees and want them to feel like they belong, and that you care about them enough to write them a note on their first day.

2. Socks

new hire welcome kit

Everyone needs socks, and company branded socks will make employees feel warm and fuzzy inside. These are items that employees are likely to wear in their day-to-day lives, bringing your logo out into the world on a daily basis.

3. Employee Handbook

new hire welcome kit

An employee handbook is a can’t-miss item in any employee welcome kit. This item gives employees a helpful guide to company life and provides answers to any question they might have about company policies.

4. T-Shirt

new hire welcome kit

A T-Shirt is one of the most prized items in your welcome kit. Employees will wear their T-Shirts with pride, knowing that they’re representing a company that they believe in. As well, you get to benefit from increased visibility in your community.

5. Fun stickers

new hire welcome kit

Everybody loves stickers, so add a fun touch to your welcome kit with fun stickers that employees can use to decorate their personal items or their workspace. Branded stickers help expose the public to your name and logo.

6. Water Bottle

new hire welcome kit

Everyone needs water bottles, and employees will love a free water bottle that showcases their new company’s name and logo. You can choose which kind of water bottle most aligns with your company values; for example, a sport water bottle is perfect for companies focused on health or outside activities, and a metal water bottle is perfect for companies focused on being eco-friendly and reducing plastic consumption. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

7. Hoodie

new hire welcome kit

If winters are cold, or even cool, at company HQ, include a hoodie in your new hire welcome kit. This perfect touch lets employees know that you want them to be warm and comfortable.

8. Custom Notepad

new hire welcome kit

Employees are constantly learning, and they take a lot of notes throughout and after the onboarding process, so consider adding a custom company notepad to your welcome kit. Giving an employee a notepad on their first day provides an easy method for them to keep track of their ideas, which makes the onboarding process easier for everyone.

9. Bumper Stickers

new hire welcome kit

New hires are proud to join your company, and they can express that pride through car window clings and bumper stickers! Vinyl bumper stickers are waterproof and extremely sturdy, so new hires can place them on their cars or anywhere they’d like, indoors or outdoors.

10. Portable Charger

new hire welcome kit

In today’s world where everyone relies on technology, running out of cell phone batteries is a common nightmare. Fix this problem by gifting new employees with a branded portable charger or power bank. This item is both portable and useful!

11. Polo Shirt

new hire welcome kit

Encourage employees to represent your company with a stately, branded polo shirt. Polos are useful in many situations, and employees will appreciate the opportunity to wear their company logo with pride.

12. Notebook

new hire welcome kit

Notebooks are highly versatile items that new hires can use both in and outside of work. Everyone appreciates a nice journal/notebook, making it a welcome addition to your welcome kit.

13. Camera Blocker

new hire welcome kit

Many people choose to cover their computer cameras when not using them, so they’ll be glad to receive a company branded camera blocker. This gift indicates that you have your employees’ digital safety and security at heart.

14. Coffee mug

new hire welcome kit

What’s a better gift than a coffee mug? Mugs are perpetually useful, with uses ranging from delivering that morning cup of Joe to holding pens. All in all, everyone uses coffee mugs daily, making them perfect for your new hire welcome kit.

15. Business Cards

new hire welcome kit

Business cards are a staple of the business world. Providing employees with personalized business cards on their first day is a welcoming gift that demonstrates your dedication to your employees.

16. A Nameplate

new hire welcome kit

If your business has a traditional office setting, consider giving each employee a custom nameplate. Employees will use these for their entire duration at your company, and they indicate that you’re a professional enterprise that cares about getting to know all workers.

17. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

new hire welcome kit

These days, many workers spend hours every day looking at computers, so show employees you care about their comfort by providing blue light blocking glasses that cut down on eye strain. This thoughtful gift both makes employees’ lives better and makes it easier for them to do their work.

18. Company Directory

new hire welcome kit

When an employee has questions during onboarding, it’s important to give them resources for help. A company directory gives employees the ability to create contacts in the company, both to answer their questions and to help them feel more connected to their coworkers and integrate themselves into company culture.

19. Computer Sleeve

new hire welcome kit

In today’s digital world, almost everyone has a laptop computer, making a computer sleeve a must-have. Every employee will appreciate this thoughtful gift that helps them protect one of their most prized possessions.

20. Sticky Notes

new hire welcome kit

Sticky notes are a key tool in office life, from making todo lists, to remembering outstanding tasks, to leaving notes to coworkers. Including custom company branded sticky notes helps employees jump right into the office with all the tools they need to succeed.

21. Tote Bag

new hire welcome kit

A tote bag is a luxurious item that new hires can use in all aspects of their lives. From bringing items to and from work, to daily shopping, everyone needs tote bags. Include your logo on your tote bags for a free marketing opportunity!

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