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The Print Authority offers high-quality packaging stickers and labels for businesses in any industry. Contact us for design and printing options today.

Enhance your brand with custom packaging stickers from The Print Authority. The Print Authority prints all kinds of packaging labels and stickers that help businesses surprise and delight customers and increase brand awareness. Stickers are a tool — and it’s time to use them to their full potential.

Quality Packaging Stickers That Stand Out

Packaging stickers are your business’s face in the world. Here’s why they should be on your radar:

  • They’re easy to use. Simply peel them off the roll and place them wherever you’d like.
  • They’re brand ambassadors. Products with stickers often remain in workplaces and homes for months or years, so they’re enduring reminders of your brand.
  • They’re customizable. Custom stickers and custom packaging labels are made for your business and contain exactly the information you want.
  • They’re unique. Your packaging stickers are one-of-a-kind reminders of your brand.
  • They’re affordable. Placing your business’s sticker on a box is more affordable than printing on the box itself.
  • They’re flexible. You can place your packaging stickers on boxes of various sizes, envelopes, and even on the product itself.
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    The Print Authority

    Printing stickers for packaging is easy with The Print Authority. Here’s how to create the perfect packaging stickers!

    1. Perfect your design. This entails knowing what your packaging stickers will be used for and where they will be placed. Are they cosmetic labels? Restaurant label stickers? Business labels? Create an elegant design that showcases your brand and save it as a PDF so that your printer can easily use it.
    2. Decide on your dimensions. Whether your stickers are square, round, or a custom shape, decide on the right shape and size so that your printer can create the stickers that are the size you need.
    3. Choose the right paper. Stickers can be printed on several types of paper in gloss or matte, as well as vinyl for outdoor use. Paper stickers are commonly printed on 70lb paper. Ask your printer if you don’t know which paper is best for you.
    4. Make a distribution decision. Would you like your stickers on rolls, on sheets, or cut to size? Cut-to-size stickers are easy to distribute at conferences and in gift bags. Rolls can contain hundreds of stickers, so they’re handy and easy to use. Sheets of stickers are very cost effective.
    5. Submit your order, and enjoy your new custom packaging stickers!

    Packaging Label Sticker FAQs

    Yes! We provide proofs before printing so that you can be sure that your packaging sticker looks exactly the way you want. For items such as packaging labels and stickers, we’ll typically send you a PDF of your design.
    We offer many kinds of packaging sticker materials. The most common materials are paper and vinyl, but we can also print stickers on polyester, polypropylene, recycled paper, and foil paper. In addition, there are many readily available colors of paper sticker stock, including both pastel and fluorescent colors.
    We offer many sticker coatings. For paper stickers, we offer uncoated, gloss, dull, silk (or matte), and high gloss paper stock. Vinyl and other synthetic stickers have a slightly different appearance, so ask if you would like to see samples.
    The most common sticker shapes are rectangles, squares, circles, and ovals, but you can also do custom die-cut shapes. Custom shaped stickers typically take longer to produce and cost more than standard-shaped stickers.
    Absolutely! Our vinyl stickers are waterproof and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
    It depends! You can get stickers with permanent adhesive, removable adhesive, or repositionable adhesive. The most common type is permanent adhesive. Once a sticker with a permanent adhesive has been used, it can no longer adhere to a new surface. If you need something which can be reused or easily removed, please let us know when you start the process.
    The turnaround time depends on the details of your order and stock availability. For labels on rolls, the turnaround is often 4-10 working days. For stickers on sheets or cut to size, small quantity orders can usually be completed more quickly. Please feel free to ask us for a turnaround estimate for your specific order.
    Of course! Our graphic design team is excited to work with you to make your stickers perfect. 

    The Print Authority Can Print Your Stickers!

    When you’re ready to print perfect packaging stickers, The Print Authority is here to help. With three decades of experience printing custom packaging labels, we know the ins and outs of the process. Our speedy print and distribution means that you’ll get your stickers in no time. We’re excited to answer your questions and help you create the packaging stickers of your dreams! Contact us today to learn more.

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