May 10, 2021 The Print Authority

Print Marketing Materials That Still Win Over Digital

Did you know that touch is the key to longer-lasting memories? It’s true — people remember an idea longer when they experience it through both vision and touch. This is a vital fact to remember when you’re creating your marketing plan because clearly, despite the rise of internet marketing, print marketing is still important for every business. Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about why print marketing is here to stay!

Print Marketing Is More Alive Than Ever

Sometimes in today’s digital world, people wonder: is print marketing dead? Luckily, we have an easy answer: no! Print marketing is more alive — and effective — than ever. These days, print marketing is a creative outlet that helps you stand out from the crowd and makes a great impression on new customers and prospects. Let’s explore a few more reasons why print marketing will help your business succeed.

Print Is More Memorable

Printed marketing materials make a longer-lasting impression on your target audience. People spend longer interacting with physical ads than digital ads, which helps them fully process the information in the ad. Recipients can also remember a physical ad a week after seeing it, making them a key strategy for developing a memorable brand.

This table shows some of the top benefits of paper marketing and how it can be as or more effective than digital marketing:

Outcomes by Media Type Summary

Print Is More Trusted

People are more likely to trust your advertising when it’s printed. MarketingSherpa has found that 82% of internet users trust print ads, making print the most trusted medium for advertising. Compare this to the fact that only 61% of people trust search engine ads, which is the most trusted type of digital ad. Print marketing is the easy choice for building trust with your potential clients.

Types of Ads that US Internet Users Trust

Print Leads To Profits

Most importantly, print marketing leads to sales. Printed materials are easy to reference when a potential customer decides to use your service and needs to find your phone number or website. Professionally printed items present your business in the best light, making you the easy choice. Be sure to use a high-quality printer that can create products that inspire confidence in your brand. You will quickly reap the rewards when customers realize that you’re a step above the competition!

Print marketing also increases your business’ respectability, which further leads to sales. Combining multiple forms of print and online marketing, as well, is an extremely savvy business plan. For example, combine direct mail marketing, which has the highest response rate of any kind of marketing, with products such as brochures, business cards, and online marketing to create a lasting impression that leads to sales. Printed marketing materials are well worth your time and resources!

Elevate Your Marketing with these Modern Printing Materials

As you’re considering how to market your business, keep these top materials in mind.

Business Cards

Business cards are the classic printed marketing materials. They can’t be substituted for a digital version — they’re in print, and they’re here to stay. Use creative colors, materials, and coatings to help your business cards stand out.


Mailers are one of the most effective printed marketing materials. Consider targeting them to households with specific demographics to let desired potential clients know about your business. Level up your mailers by including a QR code that links to your website so that recipients can easily learn more about your services.


Brochures are incredibly versatile. They provide more detail than a mailer but are still small, portable, and endlessly customizable, making them useful for every business. Consider partnering with a printer that uses eco-friendly printing techniques, such as recycled paper, machines that create non-toxic byproducts, and renewable energy to make your brochures as good for the world as they are for your business!

Welcome Packets

New customers and prospects love being welcomed to your business with a kit that explains all of your products and service offerings in a convenient package. Pocket folders are uniquely well suited to this purpose and can be created using various interesting stocks and processes, including foil stamping, printing, and embossing. Include inserts that explain each of your offerings completely. You can also include slots for your business card to make sure customers remember you! This is a great way to close the deal and help earn their business.

Maximize Your Print Marketing with The Print Authority

When you do the math and look at the data, it’s clear that print marketing is still a vital part of every business’s marketing strategy, and The Print Authority is ready to help you put your best marketing foot forward. With three decades of expertise in designing, printing, and distributing printed marketing materials, we know what we’re doing and are ready to work with you. Contact us today!