June 9, 2017 The Print Authority

Magazine or Newsletter: Which One is the Best Option?

magazine or newsletter

It’s great to keep your customers informed on what’s happening with your company. There are many ways to do this, but if you’d like to make a physical copy available, you’ll likely be choosing between a magazine or newsletter. Which one is the better choice? Well, it depends on what you hope to accomplish.

Magazine or Newsletter: Which One is the Best Option?


A magazine contains multiple topics within its pages and multiple articles and stories to cover those topics. You often see more photos and visuals included in a magazine, as well. Covers typically promote those topics through headlines around a large image.

Magazines are generally for the public. Try to avoid using technical language as much as possible to keep it simple so someone new to your industry will understand your content. Magazines are a great way to attract people who have even just a slight interest in what you do. Keeping your magazine easy to understand will help newcomers feel more welcome as they try to learn about what you do.

When it comes to distribution, you can make your magazine available by subscription only, or you can place it on newsstands for the public. Magazines tend to have a lot of advertisements, and are therefore heavily supported by those ads.

Sizes vary with magazines. They can range anywhere from the smaller digest size to the larger tabloid size. They’re typically longer than newsletters, so they have different binding requirements to hold them together. You can choose to have your magazines bound with saddle stitching or perfect binding, depending on how many pages there are.


A newsletter usually covers only one topic with multiple articles from various authors. These tend to be mostly text, with very few photos. It’s common to see only articles and smaller photos on the front page of a newsletter.

Newsletters are meant for those who are already interested in your industry and follow you closely. Therefore, you can use more technical terms in your writing knowing your readers will understand. Because of this, newsletters are best distributed as subscriptions. Charging fees for subscriptions or memberships will help support the costs of creating the newsletter.

The size of newsletters can also vary, although letter size is the average format. They also have different binding techniques as they’re typically no longer than 12-24 pages. You may see that you need no binding at all, or you may just use one staple to hold the pages together.

Whether you go with a magazine or newsletter, both are a great way to keep your customers and followers informed. Here at The Print Authority, we can help you with all your printing needs. You have a lot to focus on as it is…let us help you move your business forward. Give us a call today at (615) 468-2679.

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