June 15, 2021 The Print Authority

Creative Direct Sales Business Tools for Better Efficiency

Direct sales are a cornerstone of the economy. A sector that’s improving leaps and bounds with the help of technology, direct sales are easier to manage than ever before. This article explains some of the most helpful direct sales business tools that can help your company thrive.

Direct Sales Business Tools that Streamline Your Process

Keep reading to learn about some of the top direct sales business tools that will help your company decrease stress and increase profits.

Create Consistent Marketing Materials

Whether your sales team is spread out across a city, a state, or a country, it’s imperative to provide all potential and current clients with consistent marketing materials. A branded web to print portal lets each team or salesperson order company materials from a centralized website stocked with pre-designed yet customizable branded products. The products are sent directly to the individual or team — no need to wait for an order to be processed and approved, shipped to a main office or warehouse, and then sent to the salesperson who needs it.

By promoting a cohesive company-wide marketing scheme with easy and fast distribution, and seamless, speedy, and cost-effective access to marketing materials, web to print portals are direct sales business tools that let employees focus on what’s important — making sales.

Enhance Client Communication

Are you wondering how to get the word out about new products and offers? Let your customers know in an email or digital newsletter! Leading to a significant return on investment, email marketing is an easy direct sales business tool that saves you time, travel, and money.

Customers love feeling special, so consider reaching out with a personal email. Or, if your company has a sale or promotion, send a newsletter to all your clients at once. Email communication helps you stay in contact with clients from a distance and maintain your relationship between in-person meetings. Online email and newsletter design platforms such as Constant Contact can help you create communications that impress clients and lead to increased sales.

Polish Online Impressions

When it comes to marketing, looks are everything. Web to print portals ensure that your printed products look perfect. But what do you do about your digital materials? That’s easy — use an online design program such as Canva that provides templates and a user-friendly interface that can help you create engaging digital content.

Once you’ve created your online marketing products, it’s time to post them on social media. Social media is a major location for direct sales, so using platforms effectively is the key to increased sales. Hootsuite and Sendible are both social media management tools that can help you use the internet to increase profitability.

Incentivize Client Interaction

In a business such as direct sales, getting your foot in the door with potential customers is the first step. Lead magnets, or special offers for customers in exchange for their contact information, are direct sales business tools that help open that door a little wider.

Whether digitally or in-person, a lead magnet can be the key to establishing contact with a potential customer. Once the customer provides their contact information, you can add them to your call or email list and include them in future marketing. They get a special offer and you get their information, making it a win-win situation!

Solidify Team Communication

With direct sales teams often traveling or spread out over large areas, clear and easy communication between and among sales teams is a must. This can include video call platforms such as Skype and Zoom and collaborative calendar and to-do programs such as Asana.

Team communication over the internet gives salespeople clarity and helps everyone do their jobs well. No matter where team members are, everyone can be on the same page.

The Print Authority Can Maximize Your Efficiency

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