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What is Franchise Marketing and How Does it Work?

Did you know that the franchise sector is predicted to grow 2.5% per year? Excellent franchise marketing is the key that makes this development possible. 

As a franchise owner, you have worked hard to develop your company into the successful business it is today. However, there is always room for more growth. Adopting a range of franchise marketing tactics allows you to expand your business and open the door to increased profits. 

In this article, we will explain exactly what franchise marketing is, how it works, and how you can apply it to your company. 

The Complete Guide To Franchise Marketing and How To Do It

If you’re curious about franchise marketing, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and discuss what you need to know! 

What is Franchise Marketing?

Franchise marketing consists of all of the marketing strategies that help your franchise find new clients, encourage new orders, and expand your presence in your target communities. 

It entails any and all marketing strategies that help a franchise grow, including content marketing, social media and email marketing, SEO, print marketing, and more. The main goal of franchise marketing is to gain more customers. Additionally, franchisors often partner with franchisees or individual locations, who help the franchisor expand their business through marketing strategies. 

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How To Start a Franchise Marketing Campaign

Franchise marketing can take a variety of forms. Here are some of the top strategies that will help you increase your reach in your target communities. 

Create a Website

Every company needs a website. They operate 24/7 and attract both franchisees and potential buyers. Make sure your site is well-designed, attractive, and easy to navigate for the best results. 

On your website, provide information about franchise ownership and contact information for both franchisees and buyers. Consider making a blog and updating it regularly to attract visitors to your site through content marketing. 

Use Social Media

Billions of individuals use social media on a daily basis, so franchise marketing on social media allows you to reach a wide variety of people on a personal level. Consider a range of platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Be strategic about which platforms you choose because different platforms appeal to different users within your customer base. 

Tips for Social Media Marketing

  1. Consider age. Generally, social media platforms are age-specific, so use this to your advantage. For example, more young people are on Instagram and Twitter than on Facebook. If you want to reach Gen Z viewers, post content on TikTok. 
  2. Post frequently. Social media platform algorithms tend to favor active accounts, so they produce a steady stream of content for the best visibility. 
  3. Use high-traffic terms. Many individuals search for information about franchises on social media, so include words in your posts or captions that consumers are likely to search for. 

Email Marketing

Adding emails to your digital marketing strategy is extremely effective in getting the word out about your business. In fact, according to a 2017 study, 23% of marketers said that emails generated increased leads and 19% said it improved sales. Thus, email marketing can be extremely beneficial if the service suits your company’s needs. 


Every day, consumers perform billions of Google searches. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website rank organically, meaning that your website appears higher on Google and gets in front of more potential customers.

Some of the key aspects of SEO include using high-traffic keywords related to your franchise, updating your website regularly, and linking both to other pages on your franchise’s website and to other websites. 

A successful SEO campaign means you don’t have to pay for a spot on the first page of Google because, through keyword research and link building, you are able to get there on your own. SEO takes roughly six to nine months to see results, so it is an effective long-term franchise marketing strategy to build your online presence. 


To see shorter-term results, consider paying for ads. Commercial, internet, and radio advertising attracts a number of customers and potential franchisees. However, advertising can be very expensive, so it is important to consider costs before implementing this form of marketing.

Print Marketing

Lastly, a great marketing technique involves printing your franchise marketing materials, so recipients can hold on to tangible items. The Print Authority is a high-end printing company that assists franchises in all sectors with the bulk on-demand printing services you need. Some of the highlights of The Print Authority’s printing include: 

Print marketing reaches a wide range of people, making it a foolproof franchise marketing strategy. Reach out today to get started.

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Creating a Franchise Marketing Plan

If developing your marketing plan feels daunting, don’t worry. We’ve broken the process down into the four most important steps that will help you develop a successful strategy.

1. Run an Internal Review

First, take stock of your franchise’s needs and goals. What are you hoping to gain from your new marketing strategy? What are the most important features that your company is trying to develop? Finding answers to these questions will help you develop the best possible strategy. If necessary, reach out to experts who can help you tailor your marketing strategy to fit your goals. 

2. Create a Budget

Next, create a budget. There is no set marketing budget for any one company, so your budget depends on your goals. What exactly do you want the outcome to look like? 

Next, identify which resources are already available to you and which services you will need to purchase or hire. Doublecheck your budget to make sure that it accounts for all possible costs. 

3. Determine Your Target Audience 

The major determining factor that separates a successful franchise marketing campaign from an unsuccessful one is narrowing your market. By focusing your marketing efforts on your target audience, you increase the likelihood that recipients will respond to your efforts. 

For example, if you try to attract every single Facebook user, you will have to create a very generalized message that might not appeal to your consumer base. On the other hand, targeting specific audiences in your marketing initiatives is more likely to attract the customers you’re looking for.  

4. Pinpoint Marketing Strategies

You have a wide range of marketing strategies at your disposal. Once you’ve determined your goals, set your budget, and found your target audience, choose the strategies that work best within those parameters. As a business owner, you will most likely want to take advantage of multiple avenues of franchise marketing and focus on some strategies more than others.

In the end, franchisors and brands tend to dictate which marketing strategies franchisees focus on. In addition, some franchise organizations create a pre-set package of marketing tools for franchisees to use. Though this may limit what marketing platforms are available, it can also help franchisees focus on the most useful strategies to grow their franchise business.

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Now that you know what franchise marketing is and some of the best franchise marketing strategies, it’s time to jump in. Whether you want to find franchisees, obtain customers, or both, implement these easy tips to get your campaign up and running! 

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