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Choosing Colors in Your Brand – Advertising That Really Works

How long have you spent thinking about the colors used in your branding and how they psychologically affect consumers? If you’re like most business owners, your answer is probably “little” to “none”. However, combining color theory and cohesive branding is the key to a successful advertising strategy. Because of this, choosing colors in your brand requires a well thought out strategy and message.

Many large companies that you know and love have already taken the steps to carefully consider color and branding. One of the most well-known logos is Starbucks, which uses green to emphasize harmony and sustainability. American Express has a blue logo (and sometimes incorporates blue into their advertising) to promote trustworthiness and peace of mind. Logo colors and imagery are also important for smaller, rapidly growing companies. Here are some facts related to choosing colors and imagery in your brand!

Fact #1: Imagery is Everything

While we could throw out the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, there are much more quantifiable ways to prove that imagery truly is everything. While it takes time to read and process text, people tend to absorb imagery much more quickly. A few years ago, an MIT study found that the brain can process images seen by the eye in as little as 13 milliseconds.* (The study asked participants to identify a particular type of image, like a picnic, from a series of images each shown for 13 to 80 milliseconds.) So, it is not surprising that a consumer’s glance can help them form an opinion about your company or brand almost immediately.

Fact #2: Color Preferences

choosing colors for your brandDid you know? Culture, age, and gender affect our perceptions of color. One study found that the color blue is preferred as a “favorite color” by both men and women, although there is much more variation relating to other color preferences.** For example, purple is the second most favorite color for women in this study (purple is the favorite for 33% of women), while purple is men’s second least favorite color (22% of men studied said purple was their least favorite). Studies have also found that color preferences change with age.

Image Source: Neil Patel

Fact #3: Contradictory Color Palettes

People generally prefer colors used together with similar hues, but they also favor palettes with contrast in accent colors. If this begins to make your head spin, these determinations are frequently best made by design professionals. Suffice it to say that having brand standards which take into account different ways in which logos may be used can make a real difference in branding success.

Fact #4: Color is Your Brand

choosing colors in your brandBranding is everywhere. Recent technological developments mean that you can put your logo on almost anything, from a golf ball to your office wall to your advertising. In fact, these images can be produced more cost effectively in smaller runs than ever before! But, care must be taken to make sure the images are consistent and represent your company well.

Again, the power of color can get a message across very quickly wherever your brand is. Choosing colors in your brand requires quite a bit of thought! For example, using red can convey urgency, excitement, and passion. On the other hand, blue typically communicates peace, tranquility, and reliability. Just “throwing stuff out there” can be a mistake if it tarnishes your brand image.

Image Source: Entrepreneur

Fact #5: Fulfillment Services Are a Must

Professional printing and fulfillment companies can play a real role in reinforcing your image. It is more important than ever for printers to know their customers and for clients to know their design and printing sources. With the right relationship, a printer can serve as a traffic cop to make sure brand standards are upheld.

There are many different processes in use in printing various projects on different substrates and someone needs to take care to make sure products being shipped out represent the company well. At the same time, some printing companies employ design professionals who understand the proper use of color and can make a real difference in creating and carrying forth a brand.

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