November 29, 2018 The Print Authority

6 Overlooked Marketing Ideas For Franchises

In today’s world of advertising, an emphasis on digital marketing can result in overlooked marketing ideas. This is especially true for traditional marketing strategies that fall into the “print” category. Although there are many different options for marketing including online and offline tools, special events, open houses, traditional print marketing, promotional items and networking, here are a few less obvious marketing ideas for franchises build up franchisee sales volume.

1.) Door Hangers

If you have a business than does service work in or around homes, try using door hangers on nearby residences to build recognition and awareness. Door hangers can be made in a variety of sizes, on different stocks, and printed in one or many ink colors. Typically, pricing drops with volume so be sure to order enough not to run out quickly.

2.) Car Magnets

Car magnets prove to be a terrific marketing tactic for any company that has a lot of people on the road doing service work. Think of how often you read the bumper stickers on a car as you’re parked at a red light. Though magnets might seem insignificant, they are easy to use and a creative design goes a long way in getting noticed. If you are looking for affordable impressions, there’s no easier and cheaper way to catch thousands of views than by driving!

3.) Yard Signs

If your organization does a lot of residential work, ask customers at the beginning of a job if you can display your yard sign in their lot. Neighbors will take interest in the commotion and your company, and they may reach out to you saying, “I’ll have what they’re having.” Yard signs are a great way to showcase your brand and get people talking.

4.) Business Card Magnets

Some businesses benefit a great deal from “refrigerator magnets”. These are the rectangle magnets that you come across at events or reception desks. With a quality design, and useful information, these business card magnets will last longer than paper cards. Whether you place it on your refrigerator, car, or mirror, friends and family are sure to spark up a conversation when they see them.

5.) Embroidered Polo Shirts

Businesses look more professional when service workers show up neatly attired, sporting the company logo. This creates a sense of unity for the customers and employees alike. When employees have cohesive, embroidered polo shirts, customers are able to spot them and seek assistance. When it comes to credibility and professionalism, embroidered polo shirts are an absolute must!

6.) Traditional Mailers

In today’s increasingly digital world, people sometimes ignore the tried-and-true postcard or simple mailing letter. However, this is the easiest way to target an area that is geographically close to your franchise location. By mailing a coupon or gift certificate, it encourages customers to leave their house and seek your business. They come to your store for the first time to redeem the coupon, but return for the service.

The Print Authority

Use one or all of these overlooked marketing ideas for franchises to bolster your franchise and you’ll notice an increase in business in no time! If you need help with franchise printing fulfillment or with setting up a web to print system to utilize these marketing ideas, contact the experts at The Print Authority. We have decades of experience with printing and are eager to share this knowledge with you!