May 11, 2017 The Print Authority

4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Car Window Clings

car window clings

It never hurts to get your company’s name out there. With everyone following the same pattern, why not do something different? Car window clings are simple and inexpensive, but can actually be a great way to subtly put your name out there.

4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Car Window Clings

1. Connect with Potential Customers

Cars are always moving from place to place. By having a car window cling displaying your name or logo on the vehicle, you’ll reach countless potential customers. Sharing your brand this way is great because people will be less likely to see this as an advertising scheme. They’ll just see it as a sticker. A sticker that happens to have your company’s name on it.

2. Free Advertising

Whenever a car starts driving around with your name on it, that’s free advertising. Every time someone on the outside of the car catches a glimpse of your logo, that’s an impression that you didn’t have to pay for. If you provide a great service and people love you and what you do, it only takes a nice-looking decal to get them to add it to their vehicle. It’s essentially word-of-mouth for your business.

3. Small Profit Maker

Depending on your business, you can sell your decals for a small price. This works well when your decals have fun sayings or images with your logo on there as a secondary image. If people like what’s on your window clings, and they’re not too expensive, it’s likely people will buy one and share it with the rest of the world. Other people will then see it and think it’s funny or cool and that will put your company in their heads.

4. Utilize Technology

Technology? On a sticker? Yes, it’s possible! Add a QR Code to the sticker and send people straight to your website. People walk past cars all the time in parking lots. So, when they see your awesome window cling, they’ll become interested in your business and, thanks to the QR Code, it’ll be easy for them to learn more about you.

With all the ways you can advertise your business, car window clings are a nice break from the norm. If you have any questions regarding car decals, let us know. We’re committed to helping you move your business forward in any way that we can. Give us a call today at (615) 468-2679.

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