May 16, 2023 The Print Authority

10 Steps for a Stellar Landscaping Marketing Strategy

Starting a new landscaping business is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in your community and make the world more beautiful. In order to set your company up for success, create a great landscaping marketing plan to attract the customers you’re looking for. 

Whether you’re a new landscaping business or you’re ready to update your current marketing strategy, this article will give you the tools you need to create an effective landscaping marketing plan!

What is Landscaping Marketing? 

Last year, the landscaping business grew by 5.5 percent, so starting a company in this growing sector is a great way to join an expanding industry. One of the first steps to make this opportunity a success is to develop an effective landscaping marketing plan. 

Getting your first few clients can make all the difference because they can spread your name to their contacts as well. Your landscaping marketing helps you make impressions and get past that tipping point. Therefore, it’s well worth investing in marketing on the front end because it will pay for itself over time. 

10 Vital Landscaping Marketing Steps

Following these steps will help you bring in the clients you need to grow your business. 

1. Develop a Brand Strategy 

Your brand strategy is a plan for how your company will develop relationships with potential customers, so it consists of big-picture thinking. 

When you sell your services, you’re really selling a story: how will you help your clients? What will your landscape company do to make their yards more beautiful and their lives better? These are questions that your brand strategy will address. 

When building your brand strategy, consider how you want to present your company’s history, voice, and values. Make your story accessible to the people who will be listening to it.

2. Create a Brand Identity

Brand identity consists of the visible features of your brand: your design, logo, font, and color choices. These influence how potential customers understand your values and approach to business. 

Design choices can have enormous implications, so when it comes to landscaping marketing, your brand identity demonstrates what kind of landscaping services you will provide. 

For example, using elegant fonts such as Autumn Flowers or Metropolis could demonstrate that you focus on carefully sculpted landscaping design, whereas organic fonts such as Tomatoes or Handy Organizer could emphasize that you work with naturalistic landscaping ideas. 

Your brand identity communicates all of these ideas to your customers, so plan your branding well from the outset. If you’d like design and branding help, the design experts at The Print Authority can help you create branding that sells your landscaping company. 

3. Assemble a Budget

Building a budget is one of the most important steps for any company, and this holds true for landscaping companies. 

As you’re calculating your landscaping marketing budget, be sure to account for all the other aspects of your business, including crew, contractor, and subcontractor wages; equipment purchases; and overhead recovery. This will help you determine how much money you can dedicate to marketing. And remember: marketing helps you increase future business, so it often pays for itself in the long run!

4. Hire and Assign Tasks

A great team leads to great results. Don’t let the entirety of your marketing strategy fall on your shoulders. Instead, know your skills and your weaknesses, and delegate tasks accordingly. 

This might mean asking a team member to write the copy for your marketing materials, or it might mean hiring a photographer to take pictures of previous landscaping projects to build up your portfolio. By building a team with a range of strengths, you are setting your business up well to meet future challenges. 

5. Engage in Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key part of a digital marketing strategy. It’s a way of using your website as a marketing tool by incorporating frequently searched key terms into your online content. By optimizing your website by using key terms and posting regularly, potential clients can find you more easily. SEO is a marketing strategy that often pays for itself many times over! Grow your online presence even further with a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). This local SEO tactic will help you be found by new customers and gives satisfied customers a place to write positive reviews.

Some landscaping SEO ideas could include:

  • Guides to local landscape design trends
  • Landscape design inspiration
  • Examples of projects you’ve done
  • Any other topics that would be interesting to your target audience

In short, write about what you know and what you think your target audience will be interested in, and readers will come. 

6. Plan a Print Campaign

Print landscaping marketing is a powerful marketing tactic for business owners. Tactile marketing materials make an impression and show your dedication to providing top-quality services to your clients. 

Some of the most important print marketing materials that will help your landscaping company include: 

Distributing these materials will make sure you’re the first company that prospects think of. 

7. Design for Success

When we talk about marketing, “form follows function” isn’t always true. You’re trying to impress readers, so your marketing materials should look like you’ve put time and energy into their designs. Form is just as important as function in this case. 

Landscaping marketing design includes thinking of your intended prospects. Are you planning to work with homeowners? Businesses? Architects? Keep your audience in mind and tailor your designs to them. You can ask the experts for help to make your designs as effective as possible. 

8. Distribute Mindfully

Marketing materials are only effective if they reach the people you intend. This means thinking about how you choose to distribute your marketing materials, including in person, through the mail, and online. Creating a mix of all three is typically a great way to reach your intended audience. 

Targeted mailings can help your landscape business reach your desired audience. By sending direct mail to people in your chosen demographics, you’re more likely to reach interested audiences, such as single-family homes, homes with yards, or specific neighborhoods. 

9. Partner With Local Businesses

Making inroads with other local businesses is a great way to make connections that pay off. Many people want to support local businesses, and companies in your area are likely to want to support you. 

One of the best landscaping marketing techniques is demonstrating your services. Ask to put up a yard sign outside the businesses you landscape so that their customers can see your amazing work and know that it’s you. 

10. Hire a Top Printing Partner 

Marketing consists of creating a good image of your company, and working with a top printing company brings that image to life. Work with a printing partner who can provide high-quality materials and customization that make a great impression. 

The best full-service printing companies provide everything you need, from design help to a wide range of design and print options, to delivery and fulfillment. They are truly your marketing partners and can help you every step of the way!

Top Landscaping Marketing With The Print Authority

From print marketing and mailing to order forms to the internal documents that make business possible, high-quality printing is a must for any landscaping marketing strategy. The professionals at The Print Authority provide these services for landscaping companies nationwide. 

We can print all the materials you need to make a great impression, and we offer easy online web-to-print portals that make ordering products to multiple locations a breeze. We want you to feel confident in your print materials. To get started with great printing for your landscaping marketing strategy, contact us today!