February 10, 2023 The Print Authority

Guide to Nashville Trade Show Marketing Materials

Nashville is an exciting, rapidly growing city of art, entertainment, and business opportunities. It offers a beautiful modern convention center and many active industries in the region, making it an ever-growing destination for trade shows. 

Nashville also features some of the top printing companies that can prepare your trade show marketing materials. Keep reading to learn about the most important trade show marketing materials!


Trade Show Marketing Materials in Nashville: What to Know

Nashville hosts trade shows in a wide range of sectors due to its location in the center of the United States, ease of access, plentiful lodging, and exciting entertainment options. From music-focused expos to shows for sectors such as construction materials, remodeling, medical fields, and more, a wide range of groups choose to host their shows in Nashville. 

When attending a Nashville trade show, a full-scale set of marketing materials is necessary. A simple banner and some flyers won’t cut it anymore, as companies have become increasingly competitive and bring a wide range of innovative, eye-catching marketing items to their trade show booths. 

Top Nashville Trade Show Marketing Materials

To make a statement nowadays, your trade show marketing materials need to be exciting and creative enough to deserve a second glance. Here are some of the best trade show marketing materials that will help you stand out at your next show. 


The first item that trade show attendees will see at your trade show display is your banner. Therefore, it’s important to have a banner that stands out from the crowd and attracts attention, while still showing what your company is all about. 

You can choose from a wide range of banners. The Print Authority prints the following types of banners:

  • Pop Up Displays
  • Retractable Banner Stands
  • Table Top Banner Stands
  • Vinyl Banners with Grommets

These banners come in a range of sizes and materials, so The Print Authority can help you determine which specifications will work best for your booth. 


When trade show attendees stop by your table, it’s important to be able to provide them with the information they’re looking for. By printing a suite of brochures that cover your company’s most important services or products, you can quickly and easily distribute information about the topics potential customers are curious about. 

Brochures provide the space to go into depth about a topic, but it’s important to create a balance between text, headings, and images. The graphic design experts at The Print Authority can help you find the best balance and create informative brochures that draw readers in. 


Visitors to your booth love to take something home with them, and what better than their very own notepads with your company branding? Notepads are not only useful, but since they’re used for long periods of time, they can help cement your company in clients’ minds. Next time they’re thinking of a potential company for their needs, they’ll be more likely to think of you. 

The Print Authority prints notepads in a range of sizes, including 5.5×8.5, 4.25×5.5, 8.5×11, and more, on a range of papers and with a range of binding techniques, so we can print the exact notepad you have in mind for any upcoming trade shows.


Everyone loves a great deal. Handing out vouchers at trade shows will convince your target audience to give you a call. Great vouchers make your company competitive, and most importantly, they get new clients in the door. 

Vouchers are cheap and easy to print at The Print Authority, and printing your vouchers with offset printing makes them extra affordable. 

Swag Bags

What is a trade show without swag? Distributing a great swag bag to visitors or hosting trade show giveaways helps you stand out from the crowd. Include a range of materials, including informative print materials like business cards and fun promotional items that help people remember your name. You can even place all of your items in a custom-printed bag containing your company’s logo.

The Print Authority prints a wide range of exciting specialty products, including stickers, apparel, pens, and more, that will make your swag bags full of fun surprises that make a lasting impression on potential clients and competitors alike. 

Tips for Creating the Best Trade Show Marketing Materials

We’ve discussed the best materials to bring with you to your next trade show; now, let’s explore how to make those items a reality. 

Know Your Budget

As is the case in every dimension of growing your successful business, balancing a successful budget is key to your success. For every trade show you attend, create a realistic trade show budget ahead of time. 

Factor in all of your expenses, including travel, registration, hotels, and all of the other expenses that you’ll incur during the show. This will help you understand how much money you can spend on printing your trade show marketing materials. 

Consult Your Brand 

Every trade show is an opportunity to spread brand awareness among your target clients. Therefore, make sure you follow your brand guidelines when you design and print all of your trade show booth materials. 

Before finalizing any designs, make sure that you’ve used your brand colors and imaging for all of your materials. This way, every item seen by visitors to your booth will help reinforce your company’s brand presence. 

Work With The Professionals 

When it comes to consequential marketing opportunities such as trade shows where you’re spreading your name far and wide, don’t leave the printing to the amateurs. Printing your own materials or turning to a small, local printing company can end with broken printers, unavailable materials, and other heartaches, so be sure to avoid this. Make sure to partner with professionals like those at The Print Authority who can print all of the items you need at prices you love. 

Trade Show Marketing Materials in Nashville With The Print Authority

If you’re gearing up for a trade show exhibit in Nashville, let The Print Authority take care of all your print needs. If you’re planning to distribute marketing materials at your booth, don’t print them ahead of time and haul them to Nashville with you; The Print Authority can print them for you! This will make your trade show experience easy as pie. If you’re attending trade shows elsewhere, The Print Authority also ships nationwide. 

To print trade show marketing materials that make a great impression, contact the Print Authority to get started.