May 7, 2024 The Print Authority

What is Direct Mail Printing + Best Options

Reaching customers is one of your biggest marketing challenges, and combining marketing strategies helps you reach your target group. Direct mail printing gets you straight to your target audience’s door, so it’s an invaluable branch of your marketing plan. 

Direct mail services include a wide variation of materials, as well as a range of tactics that get your materials into recipients’ hands. This article explains everything you need to know to build an effective direct mail strategy to reach the customers you’re looking for via mailing services. 

What is Direct Mail Printing?

Direct mail printing is an easy print marketing solution where your materials are printed with your recipients’ addresses and are sent directly to them. Your direct mail printer takes care of the entire printing and shipping process, so you can rest assured that your materials will end up in the right place without needing to do it yourself. 

Direct mail marketing campaigns are easy to set up; you simply provide your printing partner with a list of names and addresses. If you don’t have specific recipients in mind, you can use targeted mailing to send materials to your preferred demographic groups. Feel free to ask your print partner about targeted mailing because they can set it up for you. 

Types of Print and Mail Services

More materials than you might think can be sent as direct mail. Here are some of the top items to add to your marketing strategy. 


Postcard mailers are the classic direct mail item. They’re clear, to the point, and get recipients excited about your business. They often offer a deal or announce a grand opening, seasonal sale, or other exciting offer, and they direct people to your website. 

The Print Authority creates postcards that grab readers’ attention and make an impression. Our design team can help you come up with postcards that look great and inspire action for a successful direct mail campaign

A tip from us to you: include a QR code on your direct mail pieces that directs recipients to a landing page on your website. This will get them in the door so that they can then learn more online. 


Direct mail letters help you spread the word. When you’re rolling out a fundraising campaign, announcing new leadership, or getting across an important message, sending letters is a useful strategy. 

When sending letters, make sure to pair them with matching envelopes that also use your organization’s branding. The Print Authority can print both your letters and envelopes, taking care of everything you need at once and ensuring a cohesive experience for recipients. 


Catalogs both sell products and tie communities together. Whether you’re printing a sales catalog or a school or organization catalog, printing your catalog as direct mail makes the shipping process simple. 

Catalogs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. At The Print Authority, we provide all the types of catalogs you might need. If you’re looking for a specific size, just let us know. There’s a high chance we can print and send direct mail that fits your needs.


If you want to spread knowledge, a brochure is the direct mail piece you’re looking for. With ample space and a range of folding and design options, you can mail brochures that recipients will actually read.

Depending on the message you’re trying to send with your brochure, you can choose from an extensive range of papers, from light and flexible to thick and luxurious. The Print Authority can help you determine which paper will work best for your printed marketing materials and your budget. 

Best Practices for Direct Mail Campaigns

Physical mail printing is easy and increases engagement. Here’s how to maximize your next campaign. 

Frequency and Timing 

Sending mail at the right frequency to your target audience is an art. It’s a good idea to send printed materials frequently so potential customers keep you in mind, but not so frequently that they get tired of hearing from you. A general rule of thumb from the mailing experts at the Direct Marketing Association is to send mail every 21 days

Since you want recipients to actually read the mail you send them, timing your direct mail campaign correctly is an important part of your planning. Direct mail received earlier in the week tends to have the highest response rates, with Tuesday being the best day of all. However, this depends on your industry. For example, home buyers have more time to think about properties over the weekend, so real estate mail received on Fridays is usually best. 

Personalization of Campaigns

Sending personalized direct mail is an excellent strategy that increases read and response rates. The more personalized your mail is, the better. You can include recipients’ names in the subject lines of letters, and even mention past items they’ve purchased or one of their interests. Adding these types of personal touches will humanize your organization and make readers feel seen and appreciated, which drives engagement. 

Choosing the Right Printing and Mailing Service

Partnering with the right printing company makes all the difference for your direct mail marketing efforts. Do your research on the front end to ensure that the company you want to work with can support you as you grow and with all your printing needs. 

Be sure to ask any potential print partner about the materials they print, their shipping options, and pricing details. When you’ve found the right printing partner, you’ll be ready to produce a direct mail campaign that makes an impact.

Launch a Campaign with The Print Authority

At The Print Authority, we’ve offered direct mail printing that has helped organizations thrive since 1991. We print all the materials you need and can send them directly to your target groups. We also offer first-class design services, creating materials that recipients will pick up and read, as well as all the other print items that your organization needs. 

Our helpful customer service team is always happy to talk with you about how we can make your job easier through professional business printing. To get started with direct mail that drives sales, contact The Print Authority today!