September 26, 2023 The Print Authority

Modern Direct Mail Trends for Every Industry

Let’s get straight to the point: no matter what you’ve heard, direct mail marketing is alive and well. In fact, now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of the top direct mail trends that will help your business convert new customers. Adding direct mail into your marketing mix can prove to be highly effective for all kinds of businesses.

Rethought for the digital age, mail is an important and effective addition to your marketing strategy. If you’re wondering how this works, keep reading! We’ll get into the evolving strategies, direct mail formats, design innovations, and customer engagement approaches that will help your next direct mail campaign succeed. 

Changing Postal Requirements

Sending direct mail is a simple but effective strategy, and working with a professional printing company makes direct mail pieces marketing easy. As you’re planning your physical mail strategy, keep the changing price of postage in mind. As with pretty much any service, this price increases from time to time. For example, the price to mail a postcard within the US increased from $0.48 to $0.51 in July 2023. 

Always be sure to check the USPS direct mail website for the most current information about services and prices. This can also help you make your campaign as targeted as possible, which increases your return on investment. 

Direct Mail Strategies

Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re planning your next direct mail marketing campaign. 

Data-Driven Promotions

We all know that the more personalized your targeted marketing collateral is, the higher your chance of success. In consumers’ eyes, if your material is tailored to them and their needs, that means you care. Therefore, using data analytics can help you target specific recipients and send highly personalized materials that have the best chance of conversion. 

Recent developments in AI have made it a useful marketing tool. AI programs can help you find connections between datasets and demographics, which gives you the information you need to make your direct mailers extremely targeted. 

Given that you can target increasingly specific groups of people with the help of AI, it’s a good idea to release multiple versions of your marketing collateral to target these various groups on your mailing list. The time spent creating this range of material will pay off in higher response rates!

Professional Design 

Every piece of marketing material you distribute reflects your brand and your company’s professionalism. Additionally, your direct mail might be the first time that a recipient encounters your brand, so you want to make a great first impression. Therefore, it’s vitally important to enlist the help of a professional design team that will make your mailers perfect.

The Print Authority provides the full range of design services for our customers, including everything from adjusting your design to creating a new design from scratch. Our full-time graphic design team can help you create mailers that will catch people’s eyes and inspire them to take action!

Bonus tip: Did you know that after three days, people will remember 10% of the information they read, but when coupled with a graphic or image, they are able to remember 65% of information? Include images and graphics on your mailers to help potential customers remember you and your brand. 

Omnichannel Approach

In today’s digital world, marketing mailers don’t work alone. Instead, they are a great partner for all of your digital campaign efforts. 

Your mailers are a highly effective way to direct new contacts to your digital channels, where they can find out more about your business. Include a QR code and your website’s URL on your mailers so that readers can easily navigate to your website. You can even direct your mail recipients to a special landing page that provides additional information about your services and helps them easily navigate your online resources. This also allows you to better track visitors to your website from your direct mail campaign.

91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and for good reason: it’s a highly effective conversion method. Incorporate effective media into your mailers by providing a link or a QR code to an informational video about your company or product.

Readers also are likely to quickly check your social media to learn more about you and your brand identity, so make sure to advertise your social media accounts on your direct mail deliverables. By giving readers access to as much information as possible, you give them the chance to learn more and become interested in the unique services you provide. 

Partnering with a Premier Printing Service

Developing a direct mail campaign is worth the time and effort, but don’t go it alone. Partner with a professional printing company that can produce high-quality print materials and help you target your mailers effectively. 

By working with a top printing service, you receive the materials and support that help you make a great impression on targets. A professional printer can advise you throughout the process, including which sizes, papers, and designs are best for your project, and the printing company will take care of the high-quality printing, storage, and mailing for you. 

Today’s direct mail trends are completely different from the best strategies of the past, and professional printing companies know how to craft direct mail that fits today’s needs. By working with a top printing company, you let the printer do all of the work. You can relax and focus on offering a great product or service. 

Get Started With The Print Authority

When you’re ready to step up your direct mail marketing game, get in touch with The Print Authority! With over three decades in the print business, we know the ins and outs of mail marketing strategy and can design, print, and ship the most effective mailers for your sector. We love helping our clients every step of the way! 

We also print all the other marketing and operations materials your company needs, so don’t hesitate to ask about the full range of ways we can support you. To use print marketing and direct mail trends to bring your business into the future, contact The Print Authority today!