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The Print Authority provides a mix of digital printing and offset printing solutions, along with a high level of graphic design services, finishing, shipping and fulfillment services.

While some manufacturers choose to sell direct to end users, many manufacturers use dealers, manufacturer’s representatives or distributors to increase sales. While this is a complex decision, sales of more expensive products or ones needing a high level of service, maintenance or support may be easier through dealers or distributors. The auto industry, where car manufacturers typically do not sell directly to consumers, is a good example of using dealers to sell and service the product. Many industrial products are also sold through distributors or dealers.

The relationship between manufacturers and distributors is complex. Sometimes, manufacturers may feel that their brand does not get the attention it deserves, since some distributors represent multiple brands. At the same time, distributors sometimes think that the manufacturer may not do enough to support their sales.

Printed materials, like training or repair manuals, technical specification sheets and sales
sheets, can help distributors train salespeople, sell more products and support purchasers after the sale. In other words, they are a win-win.

  • Web Portals for printed (and related) materials can help manufacturer-distributor relationships work better. The manufacturer will know that printed materials are printed professionally and represent the brand well. Distributors may also get a better deal purchasing printing from a central source. Portals save time for both parties, allowing both the manufacturer and distributor to focus on their core businesses.
  • Web portals from The Print Authority help support manufacturers’ sales and profitability. Our unique portals are branded so your distributors know they are purchasing from the manufacturer’s authorized supplier of printed material. We offer many customization options and can supply many products to support your dealer or distributor networks.

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    From concept to delivery you all have gone above and beyond the call of duty and
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    have ‘jumped through hoops’ with me. I sit here and shake my head at how amazingly
    well you all pulled this print job off for us. It was huge and you all came through like
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    Learn how The Print Authority helped a restaurant industry franchisor focus on their core business by providing franchisees with mandatory printed material.

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