January 15, 2018 The Print Authority

5 Great Window Clings for Business

Let’s face it, a lot of time and energy goes into writing with window markers for your business. Getting the wording and overall look exactly right and the aching muscles afterward can be straining. That’s not even mentioning the clean up. To avoid the hassle and get your message across, say hello to window clings for business.

Window clings provide ease and consistency while acting as a tool to drive foot traffic to your business. They have a simple application and removal process that saves time and resources. Window clings can be customized to your business when working with an established printer. You can design your window clings with your business in mind with the color, size and text style.

But what exactly can use them for ? Check out five great window clings for business.

Window Clings For Business

window clings for businessProducts & Sales

Let everyone know about your products with window clings. Putting the service or product in your window adds another element to promoting what you do. They also provide the perfect opportunity to highlight your sale or special promotion. Sale window clings should have the date of the sale, what items it applies to and how much percent off.


If your business boasts something different or special, your window is a great place to announce it. If you’re a certified B Corp or a sponsor of a charity, you may want to put up a window cling on your window or door to let the world know.

Catch Phraseswindow clings for business

Slogans or logos are great for window clings and ultimately, your brand. It will attract visitors and may even be a great background for your social media posts. Printing a set of smaller window clings with your logo is also great to give away to customers or sell in your store.


Using a window cling for your business hours is a must. It lets the world know when you’re open. If you change your business hours, a window cling can easily be removed and replaced with minimal downtime.

Grand Openings

What better way to keep your recent opening fresh than put it right in your windows? Putting up a window cling announcing your grand opening will bring the right kind of attention to your business. Before you put up your cling announcing your opening, you may even want to put up an “opening soon” window cling to give the heads up.  

Make your windows speak with window clings for business. Window clings are great for special events, grand openings, sales and for putting your business hours in your window. Get your logo everywhere by printing window clings for cars too. Have questions about window clings? Contact us at (615) 468-2679 or fill out our contact form.