October 31, 2023 The Print Authority

Matte Lamination [Definition, Purpose & Popular Examples]

Printing consists of more than simply putting ink on paper. After your items are printed, you can add a range of finishing processes that make them look even better. One of the most common print-finishing processes is lamination.

Lamination comes in two main forms: matte finish and gloss finish. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about matte lamination, including what it is, what its biggest advantages are, and how it can make a range of products look great. 


What is Matte Lamination?

Matte lamination is one of the most common types of lamination. Lamination takes place after a product has been printed, in which your print material is passed through a machine that rolls a sticky-back plastic onto both sides of the paper. 

Once the plastic seals around the paper, it is cured using pressure and heat. Your item is then cut to size. Lamination comes in 1.5 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil, and 10 mil thicknesses, and it works for both offset and digital printing

Advantages of Matte Lamination

Lamination offers a range of benefits for your print project. Here are some of the ways that it can help. 

  • Enjoyable texture. When a product feels good to hold, people are more likely to read it. Simply put, matte laminate’s velvety texture makes items enjoyable to touch. 
  • Softer contrasts. Matte lamination smooths the contrasts of darker colors so they don’t stand out in direct lighting. 
  • Higher protection. The lamination process adds a watertight layer over your print materials. 
  • Increased sturdiness. Lamination makes products less susceptible to wear and tear. 
  • Better legibility. Lamination is completely transparent, easy to clean, and protective of the paper underneath. This makes laminated items simple to read. 

To sum it up, lamination helps your print materials last longer. This means you need to replace them less frequently, which saves money in the long run. 

Matte vs. Gloss Lamination

The two main types of lamination are matte and gloss. While both consist of plastic that is applied to paper products, they look quite different and create different looks and feels. 

Gloss lamination consists of a smooth plastic that reflects a lot of light and creates a shiny layer on the outside of your products. It can feel smooth to the touch, similar to plastic. Gloss laminate is the type of lamination that many people think of when they hear the term “lamination.”

Matte lamination, on the other hand, is more subtle. It adds a smooth, clear finish to products without adding lots of shine. It also adds a silky texture that feels sophisticated to the touch. While it might be less immediately noticeable, it increases your items’ perceived quality. 

Popular Applications 

Matte lamination adds a layer of professionalism to a wide range of items. Here are some of the products that it helps the most. 

Specialty Books

If you’re printing your own books or booklets, laminating the covers is an easy and affordable way to take your booklets up a notch. 

A wide range of books, from training manuals to marketing booklets, are great opportunities for lamination. The lamination both protects them from damage and creates a sophisticated image to impress prospects. 


From spilled drinks to scribbles from children, menus have to deal with a lot of wear and tear every single day. Adding lamination adds a layer of protection that gives your menus the stability they need. 

Lamination also makes disinfecting your menus easy. Simply wipe them down with a disinfecting wipe, and they’re ready for the next guest!


Posters can make an impression, attract attention, and make a difference. By laminating your poster, you also add class and elegance. 

If you’re hanging your poster on the wall, lamination helps it pick up the light. Matte lamination, in particular, gives it a beautiful sheen without shining too brightly, which looks great under all types of lighting. There’s no need to put your poster under glass–it is ready to display as-is!

Trade Show Materials

Professionally printed materials are important for improving your business relationships. Therefore, when you’re preparing for a trade show, creating effective materials is an important step in the process. 

When printing materials for your next trade show, laminate your business cards, brochures, and booklets. When recipients see the care that you take with your materials, they’ll understand that you’ll take that same care with your business relationship. 

Premier Matte Lamination With Professional Services

Hopefully, now you understand some of the benefits that lamination can give your print products. If you’re interested in lamination, partner with the professionals! Here at The Print Authority, we’ve been providing high-quality business printing and finishing services, including lamination, for over three decades. We love helping our customers look great in print. 

To learn more about how The Print Authority’s expert matte lamination services can elevate the tactile and visual appeal of your materials, contact us today!