July 13, 2023 The Print Authority

Waterproof Menu Printing: Efficient & Affordable

Custom menu printing gives diners the best possible experience at your restaurant. Waterproof menu printing makes your menus as sturdy as possible, so you can rest assured that your investment will last a long time and hold up to repeated use. 

In this article, we’ll clarify the many benefits of waterproof menu printing, the waterproofing process, and some of the most important reasons why it’s the best choice for your menus. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Waterproofing Menus

We’ve all had the experience of sitting down at a restaurant and being handed a dirty, tattered, or stained paper menu. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the restaurant. If you’re being served a dirty menu, who knows what else in the restaurant could be dirty, right?

On the other hand, being handed a spotlessly clean laminated menu makes it clear that the restaurant is proactive about health and safety and that the establishment cares about providing diners with the best possible experience. 

This is just one of the many benefits of waterproof menus. Here are some more reasons that make it a great choice for your establishment. 

Environmental Benefits

In this day and age, it’s important to minimize waste as much as possible. Disposable menus that get tossed in the trash add to this accumulation of waste. 

On the other hand, reusable synthetic menus stick around. Thousands of diners can use them, but you only need to print enough for your maximum capacity of diners at any one moment. No need for stacks of replacement menus that will, at best, end up in the recycling bin, and, at worst, end up in the landfill. 

Family Friendly 

Reusable synthetic paper menus are child-safe menus. We all know that children tend to make messes. From spills to errant markers and crayons to sticky fingers, kids tend to bring a bit more excitement to the table than adult diners do. Sometimes, menus even end up in little ones’ mouths. This is where waterproof restaurant menu printing saves the day. 

Waterproof menus are close to indestructible and easy to clean. They can survive spills, marks from crayons and markers, gummy hands, and teething. Simply wipe them down with a wet cloth or a sanitizing wipe, and they’re clean and ready to be handed to the next guest! 

Professional Aesthetic 

In any industry, presenting beautiful menus to your customers is one of your top priorities. This is especially true in the restaurant business, where providing a spotless appearance often influences whether or not diners choose to give you their business. Always handing out clean menus promotes a sanitary image of your restaurant. 

Professionalism is also always an important factor in promoting your restaurant. Well-designed, professionally printed menus show that you’re serious about presenting yourself well to the public. You demonstrate that you care about diners’ experience and want them to enjoy their meal. Offering clean, sturdy waterproof menus helps achieve that goal. 

If you have any questions about how to print the perfect menus that present the professional aesthetic you’re looking for, the expert design team at The Print Authority can help you make that possible. 

How Does Waterproofing Menus Work?

Waterproof menu printing can take a few different forms, including lamination and printing on specialized papers such as Synaps. At The Print Authority, we offer lamination that makes your menus durable and easy to clean. 

The lamination process is simple and effective: after your menu is printed, we pass it through a machine that uses rollers to apply a sticky-back clear plastic to both sides of your menu. This seals the paper inside the plastic coating, which forms a protective, laminated layer. We then cut the laminate to size. 

Laminate for menus can be in a range of thicknesses. The most common and cost-effective laminate thickness is 3 millimeters. However, to provide maximum protection for your menus, you might want to choose 5-millimeter or even 10-millimeter lamination, which makes your menus sturdy and strong. Feel free to reach out with any questions about which lamination makes the most sense for your menus. 

Synaps is a synthetic paper made of polyester, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to water without lamination. This option is a top choice for menus that will be used for a long time, as this paper is tear-resistant, UV light resistant, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Synaps can be printed on one or both sides and die-cut to your preferred shape, giving you maximal flexibility in your menu design. This is a great option for a multi-page menu.

Effects of Shoddy Waterproofing

Wanting to keep costs low is a vital quality of doing business. However, waterproofing isn’t the place to cut corners. Waterproofing your menus at home, or choosing lower-quality waterproofing, often leads to ineffective waterproofing. 

If your menu disintegrates the first time it’s disinfected or someone spills their drink on it, all of the time and money you have spent on both printing and waterproofing has been wasted. Therefore, high-quality, professional waterproofing is the way to go. This ensures that your menus can hold up to repeated uses and impress diners again and again!

Print Authority for Affordable Menu Printing 

When you’re ready to print sturdy menus that are easy to clean at an affordable price, it’s time to partner with The Print Authority! Our restaurant printing services include every item you need, including waterproof menu printing that makes a great impression on diners. Our team’s goal is to help you succeed, and we love answering any questions you have about the waterproof menu printing process and turnaround times. 

To get started with the professional waterproof menu printing you’re looking for, contact The Print Authority today!