August 18, 2022 The Print Authority

8 Marketing Ideas for Painting Businesses That Really Work

Did you know that there are over 220,000 painting companies in the US? The painting industry is a competitive landscape, with countless businesses vying for a limited number of potential customers. Therefore, developing a well-planned marketing strategy for painting services is one of the most important methods for staying ahead of the competition.

Because the painting market often isn’t monopolized, all businesses have a chance to penetrate the market and advertise their brand successfully to potential clients. However, this requires the right marketing tips and tactics. Keep reading to learn the top 8 tips on how to market a painting business and keep new customers calling!

1. Develop a Holistic Social Media Presence

Many new clients find out about your services through your online presence and social media platforms, so be sure to effectively use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for both organic and paid advertising opportunities that visually showcase your work.

Consumers are more likely to put their trust in companies that are active and responsive on social media, so post regularly and respond to questions on your profiles. Share photos and videos that demonstrate your professional results, and create a steady stream of content that keeps your target audience up-to-date on your top projects. Don’t be afraid to use paid social media advertising, either.

2. Create Brochures

TPA brochure

Printing customized brochures is one of the most effective marketing ideas for painting businesses! Send via direct mail or hand out brochures to clients to read and share with friends and family who might be interested.

Brochures come in many shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find the type of brochure that works for you. Create brochures that include images of your work, client testimonials from happy customers, and list your services and prices.

When clients recommend your services and share your tri-fold brochures with their connections and acquaintances, they’re providing free marketing services. Encourage this by offering top-notch brochures they’ll want to distribute.

3. Grow Your Presence & Reviews on Third-Party Hiring Sites

Don’t underestimate the power of third-party websites to bring in your target market. Many property owners look to sites like Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and Taskrabbit to find the right company or painting contractor to do their handiwork.

On these websites, increasing your number of positive reviews is extremely important. Ask every client to leave you an online review so that readers can learn about your high-quality services and satisfied customers.

4. Develop an Enticing Referral Program

When you’re considering the range of marketing plans for painting businesses, don’t forget the power of social connections. People often trust their friends and family when it comes to recommendations for professional painters.

Use these connections to your advantage by establishing an exciting referral program with special offers that benefits the referrer and the new customer. A well-organized referral program can help get you new leads and deepen existing relationships without much financial or time investment. This makes marketing a painting business easy!

5. Develop Your Google My Business Account

Google is a tool at your fingertips. With so many queries surrounding painting and hiring painting companies, having your Google My Business Account rank well for searches is key to finding marketing success and gaining clicks in your local market. Posting regular updates will encourage consumers to give you a call!

6. Print Door Hangers

TPA doorhanger

Professionally printed door hangers help you promote your business in the neighborhoods you are working in. Recipients can connect their neighbor’s excellent paint job with your company, which will leave a great impression.

Get high-quality and well-designed door hangers from an expert printing company like The Print Authority, which can help you come up with a design that will catch readers’ attention.

7. Start Blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) focused blogging is a low-budget, straightforward online marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site and earn potential clients. Blogging helps differentiate yourself and leverage your business as a thought leader.

In your blog posts, target commonly-searched terms that your target clients might use, such as “painting businesses near me” and “best painting companies.” Regularly posting helpful, informative content will both establish your company as an expert and help drive more traffic to your website.

8. Purchase Custom Magnets

TPA magnets

Custom magnets are a great tool for marketing a painting business because they can be put in a highly trafficked area of the house to remind happy clients of what a great job you did. The next time they need a painter, they can see your magnet and remember to ask for your services again.

Magnets also often have a longer shelf life than other traditional marketing materials, as they are less likely to be thrown away than a piece of paper. They can also easily be handed out at events and placed in customized folders for new clients.

Custom Print Marketing Materials Make A Difference

Hey business owners, don’t paint yourself into a corner. The Print Authority can help with all of your painting business marketing! With over three decades in the print industry, we develop print marketing ideas for painting businesses that lead to increased conversions. We can help you stock up on all the materials you need, from business cards and stationery to custom signage and more.

When you’re ready to take your painting business marketing to the next level, contact The Print Authority!