April 13, 2020 The Print Authority

Small Steps for a Safe Restaurant Recovery From Coronavirus

Times are particularly tough for restaurant owners and managers right now. Most restaurants are shut down for inside dining and only offer take out or delivery orders. These measures were designed to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, and they may be working. Many restaurants are operating with reduced staff, and some have closed altogether.

It is hard to see the other side of this crisis right now, but restaurants need to prepare now for what comes after the Coronavirus.

The good news is that prior to the crisis, Americans loved to eat out. It is an affordable luxury, and many people will be happy to take a break from cooking once the crisis has passed.

What steps should a restaurant take to begin recovery once the crisis has waned? We’ve compiled some restaurant recovery ideas you can implement in your business! Keep reading to learn more.

Restaurant Recovery from Coronavirus

1. Ensure Staff Health

Be sure the front and back-of-house staff are healthy. Regular temperature and/or health checks may become much more common. These checks can ensure that your staff is coming to work healthy and safe.

2. Disinfect

Promote aggressive disinfection of your restaurant each day. Not only will this help you and your staff stay healthy and safe, but it can also be an effective marketing technique. When patrons are aware of the safety measures you are taking, they will probably be more likely to visit your establishment both during and after the Coronavirus lockdowns because they trust you will prepare safe, clean food.

3. Operate Below Normal Capacity in the Beginning

Restaurants may need to operate below normal capacity at first in order to spread patrons out and reduce the chance of illness spreading. Some restaurants tried this briefly when the virus first appeared, but most didn’t get enough experience to figure out how to make this work in practice. Keep reading to find out how you can effectively operate below normal capacity as your business is recovering from Coronavirus

4. Promote Take Out and Delivery

Continue to promote take out and delivery business. To do this, be sure your website is up to date. Consider implementing an online ordering system for your restaurant.

Additionally, offer an attractive take out menu to go out with meals. This is a great way to market your restaurant and encourage people to order from you again.

5. Use Disposable Menus in Your Restaurant

If customers are eating in your restaurant or coming in to order, consider using disposable menus inside the restaurant for a time until the infection is in the rearview mirror. This can help prevent the spread of the virus.

6. Advertise Your Restaurant

Eventually, people will want to return to eating out. Consider simple forms of advertising to market your restaurant. Mail volumes are down now, so a simply targeted mailer will help attract local customers. Additionally, door hangers and loyalty cards are other effective ways to advertise.

Start Your Restaurant Recovery Process Today!

By offering excellent food and service in a safe environment, many restaurants will make a comeback after the Coronavirus!

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